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Turbine blades and vanes

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The production capabilities of UEC-Saturn ensure the manufacture of a wide range of turbine blades for aircraft engines, industrial and marine gas turbines:

• Blades with shroud platform / with no shroud platform; single nozzle vanes; nozzle vane segments.

• Cooled / Uncooled.

• Structure: single crystal, directional, equiaxial.

• Material: DS, IN, RENE, АМ, ЖС, ЧС.

• Height range: from 30 mm to 600 mm.

Complete cycle of turbine blades and vanes manufacture

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UEC-Saturn provides a complete cycle of turbine blades and vanes manufacturing, including:

• Highly efficient methods of molding that ensure high quality of blanks and minimum allowances for subsequent machining.

• Various methods of blades machining using high-performance equipment of the world leading manufacturers.

• Various methods of coating to increase the service life of the blades.

• Integrated inspection of blades / vanes (inter-operational / final) for a variety of parameters.

In 2019 UEC-Saturn put into operation a multifunctional production center with total area of more than 19 thousand sq. m., specializing in production of blades with single crystal and directionally-solidified structure from nickel-based heat-resistant alloys.

UEC-Saturn production competence centers

Turbine blades and vanes:

• Casting from heat-resistant alloys, machining of turbine blades and nozzle vanes with flow part dimensions from 30 to 600 mm.
Compressor blades and vanes:

• Stamping from steel and titanium alloys, machining of compressor blades and stator vanes with flow part dimensions from 20 to 500 mm.
Rotation parts:

• Machining of compressor and turbine disks up to 1500 mm in size;

• Machining of compressor and turbine rotors and stators;

• Machining of turbine shafts up to 4000 mm in size made of heatresistant alloys;

• Assembly of rotors.
Casing parts:

• Manufacture of casings (welded and split, annular, volumetric);

• Assembly of stators.
Combustion chambers:

• Manufacture of welded brackets, supports, frames, flame tubes, ringshaped sections, nozzles.

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