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Through 2012 NPO Saturn demonstrated unprecedented growth in volume of production and smooth development of the Company

Site news 24.12.2012

December, 24th 2012, Rybinsk In 2012 NPO Saturn NPO Saturn strictly followed the adopted budget demonstrating the high level of performance and quality indicators which characterized the robustness of the Companys production system.
In 2012 NPO Saturn is expecting its production volume to be around 13,4 billion rubles. The Company has demonstrated considerable year-on-year growth in the volume of production by over 40 % which is a substantial factor of growth and development for Saturn as a company.
NPO Saturn forecasts its sales revenue to amount to 13,3 billion rubles in 2012. Compared to 2011 the Company has been able to increase its sales revenue by 26,5 %.
The I choose Saturn advertising campaign launched in 2012 was backed up by the further development of the Companys social-responsibility programs: increased salary, support of the athletic and youth-oriented movements, the one-off benefit payments, a discount program, new large-scale housing construction projects among which is the started construction of a housing district including a recreation center for the Companys employees.

Based on the production volume indicators and the increased number of employees, the per capita productivity indicator is slated for 1,1 million rubles per employee which is a 24 % year-on-year increase.
The stabilization of the Company’s financial health and augmented operating performance ensured the increase in salary in 2012 by 20,6 % compared the level of 2011.
In the course of 2012 Saturn drastically increased the level of investments in its fixed assets, primarily, in the refurbishment of its production facilities and purchasing of new machine tools. By the end of the year, the Company will have invested in this activity approximately 3 billion rubles which is 37 % above the investment level achieved in 2011.
The backlog of orders allows to forecast further significant increase in the volume of production and sales revenue; in 2013 the production volume is projected to grow by 19 % while the sales revenue level will increase by 21,5 %.
Following through with its commitment to the customers is unquestionably the result of the well-orchestrated teamwork. NPO Saturn fully honored its contractual obligations to Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC) with regard to serial engine delivery schedule; the SaM146 engine production volume ramp-up plan the Company had been working on since the end of 2011 has really paid off; NPO Saturn provided its foreign customer with a first batch of the D-30-KP-2 engines; the Company has also fully coped with the government order in every field of activity concerned.
In April 2012 the NPO Saturn production organization was granted an EASA POA (Production Organization Approval) certificate. It was a unique event for the entire Russian machine-building industry and especially significant in view of Russia joining the World Trade Organization (WTO). 
Some other key milestones the Company experienced in 2012 are the certification of the SaM146 engine new modification (1S18) and the tests of the PD-14 engine demonstrator whose low-pressure compressor is designed and manufactured by NPO Saturn, also the completion of development of the new marine engine in the 8-megawatt power range as well as the research-and-development activity on the second stage of work on the frontline aviation prospective fighter.
Among other significant events is the environmental management certification of NPO Saturn based on its demonstrated compliance with the ISO14001 requirements. In the modern world this voluntary certification is considered to be a good tone for large high-tech companies who thus manifest their environmental responsibility.
The year 2012 was also marked by the ongoing transformation of the internal business processes which has allowed the Company to hone its managerial competences and widely apply them outside Saturn including but not limited to the “Civil aircraft engine” business division in which NPO Saturn is assigned the leading role pursuant to the decree issued by the Managing Company ODK 239 dated 09.10.2012.
Summarizing the results of the going year, Ilya Fedorov, NPO Saturn CEO expressed his sincere gratitude to the entire Saturn team for the intense and well-coordinated work especially in the light of “the production volume increase unprecedented in many decades” and voiced his certitude that the Company is ready to embark on even more challenging plans in 2013.
Research and production association Saturn OJSC – an engine-building company specialized in design, manufacture and aftermarket support of gas-turbine engines for military and civil aviation, the Navy boats and power-generation and gas-pumping installations. NPO Saturn OJSC is part of the United engine corporation managing company OJSC.
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