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Sergey Jastrebov, governor of Yaroslavl region, has visited NPO Saturn and also has taken part in ceremony of starting the housing settlement and leisure base for workers of the company

Site news 26.06.2012

On June, 25th, 2012 Sergey Jastrebov, governor of Yaroslavl region, visited NPO Saturn and took part in the ceremony of starting the housing settlement and corporate leisure base, having highly appreciated new social and largest initiative of the company.

It was Sergey Jastrebov's first visit to NPO Saturn after his introduction into a post of the head of region and, consequently, the main objective of his visit was acquaintance with the company. After a short room meeting with the company management, discussion of questions of NPO Saturn development proceeded to the production facilities: up-to-date machine-assembling workshop No.32 which has moved to the new areas in 2008; put into operation in 2011 specialized workshop No.34 which has become Center of Competence for Turbine Blade manufacture in the United Engine Corporation; assembly workshop No.80 with increased after reconstruction throughput capacity on serial assembly of the SaM146 engines for the Sukhoi SuperJet 100. PLUS – An off-schedule stop in the industrial shop, where the head of region began his labour activity at the former Rybisk Engine-Building Production Association.
We can just envy the today's young people coming to Saturn, because they work on advanced equipment, we did not have such machine tools in our times. The most important thing is that they work with pleasure, and believe in the future of the company, - Sergey Jastrebov shared his impressions of the visit to NPO Saturn. – I’m very pleased that the company has a complex program and real prospects for further development, connected with increase in volume of orders during the next three-five years.  As for the serial production of the SaM146 engines, the company works according to schedule, I am absolutely sure. The fact that the SSJ100 has entered the market means additional orders for the company and prospect for the town as a whole. Collaboration in the SaM146 project, which had begun ten years ago, comes to real positive results. Besides, the traditional for the enterprise the D-30 series engine is still in demand. Development of these and other themes allows to be assured that the factory has a great future.
The same day Sergey Jastrebov took part in the ceremony of starting the housing settlement and leisure base for NPO Saturn workers, arranged near villages Spas and Artyukhino in Rybinsk district.
Payment of flat rent for nonresident specialists, giving the keys of 72 apartments in two new blocks of flats in Rybinsk under preferential program of hypothecary crediting, and here now - the new social initiative of Saturn, aiming to support and additionally motivate the key qualified employees through provision of housing or qualitative improvement of conditions for the account of individual housing construction.
The company employees will get sites of land for the price that is essentially lower than the market price. Rights to the site will be burdened by subcontracting for building of the house chosen by worker out of more than twenty standard projects offered.
With the jointly developed with VTB24 bank program of preferential hypothecary crediting Saturn workers  have a possibility to obtain a credit at the lowered standard crediting rate and the minimum initial installment under guarantee of NPO Saturn, with repayment by the company half of interests on credit within 15 years. Total amount of credit makes about 250 million Rubles.
The project provides building of corporate leisure base and individual building of 133 houses in the period from 2012 to 2015. Total area of the houses to be built will exceed 25 thousand sq. meter. Thus, NPO Saturn undertakes expenses for building infrastructure, i.e. gasification and electrification of the settlement, building of sports and children's playgrounds, territory fencing, building of approach and internal roads. The leisure base will include a sports-entertaining center with a 25-m pool, a business center, a hotel complex, nine guest houses, Spa-complex, hire point, a children's playground, parking for transport and other objects.
The person, successfully working over such hi-tech product as an aircraft engine, should live in comfort after work, - Victor Polyakov, NPO Saturn production director, noted at ceremony of laying of the foundation stone for a new building. -  I hope that in the new settlement there will live those people who bring extreme benefit to Saturn and that the following generation of these workers will also be devoted to the company.
As explained by Alexander Kitaev, head of Rybinsk municipal district, a birth of new low-rise settlement is an unique project, playing a significant role in development of Rybinsk district: This is development of our territory – additional taxes, workplaces for countrymen and comfortable conditions for living in the area.
Sergey Jastrebov, governor of Yaroslavl region, gave appreciation of NPO Saturn social and personnel policy: It is a new approach to solving the housing problem at the enterprise – absolutely correct, modern, perspective. I think this initiative will be well taken by the company workers. Any resident of Rybinsk, a worker of any company would enjoy living in such a beautiful place, under such favorable conditions. And I am sure that each family which will be here to live, will stay here for a long time and will work for the good of the Russian Federation on honorable by everyone enterprise - NPO Saturn.
Open Joint-Stock Company Scientific-And-Production Association Saturn is a motor-building company, which specializes in design, manufacture and after-sales services of gas-turbine engines for military and civil aircraft, Navy ships, power-generating and gas-pumping units. NPO Saturn is a part of the United Engine Corporation – affiliated company of OAO ОPK OBORONPROM fully specialized in management of motor-building resources.

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