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NPO Saturn expands its range of social programs: the best employees have received the keys from new apartments

Site news 14.06.2011

June, 14th 2011, Rybinsk. The festive ceremony of presenting the keys from the new apartments to the best employees of NPO Saturn participants of the companys housing program was held just before the Day of Russia by the walls of the new multi-apartment building located at 21 Novaya Street in Rybinsk.
The ceremony was attended by the governor of Yaroslavl Region Sergey Vakhrukov, first deputy chairman of All-Russian organization Russias union of machine builders Vladimir Gutenev, NPO Saturn CEO, chairman of the Yaroslavl regional branch of Russias union of machine builders Ilya Fedorov, mayor of Rybinsk Yuri Lastochkin and general manager of the Yaroslavl regional operating office of VTB-24 bank Sergey Lezhnin.
The NPO Saturn housing program pursued the objective of selling eighty one apartments. At this moment fifty Saturn employees have been given a chance to improve their living conditions. For the most part these are young and already highly-qualified people who have worked at Saturn for at least five years and who are interested in their continued professional growth as part of the company. The company, in turn, is staking on the young professionals and in order to incite them to continue working for NPO Saturn and further motivate its personnel, found an opportunity to offer its key employees preferential conditions of buying new apartments. The apartments are sold at their nominal value interest-free on a 15-year payment term.
 According to the governor of Yaroslvl Region Sergey Vakhrukov who opened the triumphant ceremony, “caring for its employees – is one of the key elements of the company’s strategy towards its future success; having your own comfortable apartment especially in such a modern and attractive building located just across the road from work, - is the dream of every employee. And today this dream has come true. Most of it is due to the consistent social-responsibility policy carried out by NPO Saturn. The governor wished the new apartment owners comfort in their new dwellings and well-being, and to NPO Saturn – to flourish, and expressed hope that in the future more people would receive their new homes.
 “The most valuable asset of Saturn is its people, – said during his address Ilya Fedorov, NPO Saturn CEO, chairman of the Yaroslavl regional branch of Russia’s union of machine builders. – The company plans to make its biggest investments exactly in people. One of such investments being the improvement of our employees’ living conditions. For the first time in 15 years regular employees of NPO Saturn, but fair to say the best of the best, are given preferential conditions to buy apartments, and today we proudly present them with the keys from their new homes. Right now we are talking about 50 apartments but further down the road there will be more. The NPO Saturn housing program will continue”.
 Speaking of the company’s social policy in general, Ilya Fedorov noted: “We had a dedicated meeting with the trade union and came to an agreement to reinstate social payments, what is known at Saturn as “social package”, and forecast substantial increase of salary. This will change the situation and our company’s standing in Yaroslavl Region, we will be in a position to invite highly-qualified specialists and improve the welfare of our employees”.
 According to Vladimir Gutenev, first deputy chairman of All-Russian organization Russia’s union of machine builders “the fact that NPO Saturn is not only re-equipping itself technically but is also solving social questions serves as a positive example close to being an industry benchmark”. Vladimir Gutenev wished all the attendees success at restoring the economic wealth of our country and underscored that NPO Saturn is an obvious leader, a flagship for other Russian machine-building companies to look up to with regard to both technological advancement and human resources development. “Thanks to the well thought-out human resources policy championed by the company’s management, - he said, you have both great youth and quite mature personnel possessing hands-on experience of implementing large-scale government programs”.




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