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Presidents of Snecma, NPO Saturn, PowerJet, Sukhoi and SCAC (Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company) have come to a common agreement on production planning and delivery schedules for the SaM146 engines and the SSJ100 aircraft.

Site news 26.05.2011

In the course of the meeting held at NPO Saturn on 25 May 2011 presidents of Snecma (Safran Group), NPO Saturn OJSC, PowerJet, Sukhoi Company OJSC and Sukhoi Civil Aircrft Company CJSC have come to a common agreement on the production planning and delivery schedules for the SaM146 engines and the SSJ100 aircraft.
The meeting was attended by the following officers:
- representing Snecma: president and CEO Philippe Petitcolin, general director of Safran office in Moscow Marc Sorel, SaM146 program director Robert Vivier, chief SaM146 project designer Ivan Lapidus;
- representing NPO Saturn: CEO Ilya Fedorov, deputy CEO – SaM146 program director Yuri Basyuk, deputy general designer – chief SaM146 project designer Georgy Konyukhov, director of production Viktor Plyakov, deputy CEO – CFO Aleksey Sobolev.
- PowerJet president – CEO Jacques Desclaux.
On the invitation of the NPO Saturn management, the meeting was also attended by the leaders of the aviation-building industry:
 - president, chairman of United aircraft corporation, general director of Sukhoi Company Mikhail Pogosyan, Sukhoi Company deputy general director for civil aviation programs Viktor Subbotin;
 - representing Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company: president Vladimir Prisyazhnyuk, vice-president for strategy Aleksandr Pimenov.
 Having listened to the report made by NPO Saturn director of production on the current status of the SaM146 engine production and the report made by SCAC vice-president for strategy Aleksandr Pimenov on the production plans relevant to the SSJ100 airplanes in 2011-2012, the parties validated the SaM146 engine production and delivery schedule proposed by PowerJet.
 The representatives of Sukhoi Company and SCAC expressed their satisfaction with the vast improvement regarding the advancement of the NPO Saturn production capabilities with regard to the increase of the company’s throughput, implementation of Lean and consequently the chance to ramp up its production to meet the growing demand for the SCAC aircraft.
 - Our partners saw a company upgraded for the needs of the SaM146 engine production, the main production facilities allowing to expand production capacity to produce up to 5 engines a month, - noted NPO Saturn CEO Ilya Fedorov. – These are the new assembly shop, the upgraded single-crystal casting and directional crystallization casting area, the new shop dedicated to machining of the blades and nozzle guide vanes of the SaM146 engine low-pressure turbine. At the same time the partners were demonstrated the actual results of decreasing manufacturing lead-times of the most critical SaM146 parts and sub-assemblies, in particular the shafts whose production lead-time has been decreased more than twice. The representatives of Snecma, Sukhoi and SCAC were mostly impressed by the process of Lean manufacturing development at NPO Saturn. 
 According to deputy CEO – SaM146 program director for NPO Saturn Yuri Basyuk, “the most important thing is that there are no longer any contradictions on the engine delivery schedule for the aircraft needs. Everything has been agreed upon. The production planning is based on the aircraft delivery hypothesis for 2011-2012 proposed by SCAC with the emphasis on increasing the engine production throughput starting in October 2011”.


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