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Governor of Yaroslavl Region Sergey Vakhrukov spoke highly of Saturns innovation activity.

Site news 21.03.2011

On March, 21st 2011 at the City Hall of Yaroslavl Region a working meeting took place between the governor of Yaroslavl Region Sergey Vakhrukov and NPO Saturn CEO, chairman of the Yaroslavl branch of the Machine builders union of Russia Ilya Fedorov. In the course of the meeting the parties reviewed the key performance indicators relevant to several ongoing industrial programs and the companys financial recovery plan. Also, Sergey Vakhrukov gave a high evaluation of the innovation activity of NPO Saturn that, according to the Fast Company magazine, had been voted among the ten best innovation-driven companies in Russia.
During the same day NPO Saturn received a governmental telegram addressed to its management and employees in which the governor of Yaroslavl Region Sergey Vakhrukov had congratulated NPO Saturn with their achievements in the field of innovation:
The telegram says:
“Dear friends!
I cordially congratulate you all with this high appraisal made by the prestigious Fast Company magazine whose analysis has led to the inclusion of NPO Saturn in the ten best Russian innovative companies.
Saturn’s leadership in the implementation of innovations is based on a well thought-out business strategy, unending aspiration to expand its product line, increasing its quality and effective use of its one-of-a-kind research and intellectual potential. Your company is deservedly considered a locomotive of the national economy.
It is often due to the accomplishments of your company that Yaroslavl Region is considered a territory of innovations providing vast opportunities to real business. I strongly believe that the achievement of NPO Saturn in the global innovation rating will facilitate further development of the company, inspire you to embark on new projects and achievements while serving as a good example for innovation-driven activity in all the companies of Yaroslavl Region. I wish you new success in the field of innovation and all the best”.




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