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The first flight of the MiG–AT training aircraft with the AL-55I engine developed by NPO Saturn.

Site news 29.07.2008

July 29, 2008, Rybinsk. Flight tests of the new AL-55I engine developed by NPO Saturn on the MiG-AT training aircraft began on 28 July in Zhukovsky (Moscow region). The program of the flight test first phase includes 30 test flights. The first flight of the MiG-AT training aircraft equipped with two engines, one of which is AL-55I and the other one is Larzak of French manufacture, was successful. The AL-55I confirmed technical parameters and demonstrated excellent controllability. During 31 minutes of flight the AL-55I engine provided the aircraft climb to 3000 m, maximum flight speed was 610 km/h. Russian Federation honored test pilot Oleg Antonovich, Hero of Russia, performed the tests.
The AL-55I is a twin-shaft turbofan engine with a subsonic fixed convergent jet nozzle.
The AL-55 engine core can be used for development of a multi-purpose engine family of a similar class competitive on the Russian and foreign markets.
NPO Saturn carries out all management of development engines batch manufacture, production certification and assurance of the licensed production in India with UMPO on a parity basis.
The AL-55I engine is being developed for the HJT-36 training aircraft to the order of the HAL corporation, India as a part of implementation of the NPO Saturn international contract effective from August 1, 2005.
Successful implementation of the program of the AL-55 family engines development can solve a problem of equipping the MiG-AT trainer aircraft with Russian engines.
NPO Saturn is a leading engine-building company specialized in development, manufacture and after-sales service of gas-turbine engines for military and civil aviation, Navy ships, power-generating and gas-pumping units.
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