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The SaM146 engine is ready for ground and flight testing on the SSJ100 aircraft.

Site news 14.05.2008

May 14, 2008, Rybinsk. The SaM146 powerplant, which is built in collaboration between the Russian NPO Saturn and the French Snecma company is ready for ground and flight testing of the Sukhoi SuperJet 100 aircraft (SSJ100).
According to Deputy General Designer– SaM146 Project Chief Designer Georgy Konyukhov, engines 101 and 102 installed on the prototype aircraft have been on-wing tested and verified all the declared characteristics. Individual and parallel runs of the engines were performed right up to take-off conditions. The conducted tests allowed to close all the last remarks presented by CIAM in the flight test start conclusion.
On May 13, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur within the scope of preparation to flight tests the first taxiing and runs of the SSJ aircraft on the runway took place. The runs were performed with gradual increase of speed up to 162 km/h, which is practically the forward landing gear take-off speed. Based on the obtained results the aircraft and the engine were highly appreciated by the flight crew and test engineers.
Taxiing and runs of the aircraft are performed within the scope of factory development tests program at the flight-test facility in Komsomolsk, where the development test of all systems has been successfully completed with the running engines. Before the first flight of the SSJ100, the aircraft will require to be shimmy-tested and speed runs with the forward landing gear take-off.
After conducting of the procedural meeting of the branch on considering the aggregate of the work results concerning the aircraft and its systems operational integrity and safety, in case of the positive decision, the SSJ100 will be ready to its maiden sortie.
The SaM146 program is based on principles of strategic partnership between the Russian NPO Saturn and the French Snecma (Snecma, SAFRAN Group) companies. In 2004, to provide management of the SaM146 program, including the development, production, marketing and sales, as well as customer after-sales support, NPO Saturn and Snecma established a joint venture named PowerJet. The SaM146 program is the most demonstrative example of cooperation of the Russian and European industries.
In April 2003, the Sam146 engine was chosen by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company to power the Sukhoi SuperJet 100 regional jet. The SaM146 is the only integrated power plant, specially designed for use on regional aircraft of the new generation. The SaM146 engine is of the state-of-the-art design developed on the basis of the previous programs experience and analysis of competitive products, to achieve the target reliability and economic indices. The distinctive features of the SaM146 engine are the high reliability, low maintenance cost, low fuel consumption, and full compliance with the ICAO existing and advanced emissions requirements.
Certification of the propulsion system and of the aircraft will be conducted following the Russian, European and American regulations thus enabling the Sukhoi SuperJet 100 to operate in all countries without any limitations.
NPO Saturn is the leading engine manufacturer that specializes in the development, production and after-sales support of gas-turbine engines for military and civil aircraft, navy vessels, power-generating and gas-pumping units.
Snecma, SAFRAN Group, is one of the leading aviation and space engines manufacturers. It offers a large number of power plants of various capacity. The company develops and creates civil aviation engines, which differ in power, reliability, efficiency and ecological properties, as well as military engines of the world class. Snecma develops and produces power plants, and equipment for satellites and missile carriers.
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