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The first PGU-325 power-generating unit on the basis of the Russian gas-turbine engine of high power GTD-110 made by NPO Saturn commissioned in Komsomolsk.

Site news 21.05.2008

May 21, 2008, Rybinsk. On May 20, 2008 in Komsomolsk (Ivanovo region) the first PGU-325 power-generating unit was solemnly commissioned at Ivanovskie PGU. The new combined-cycle power-generating plant is fully made from domestic equipment, and the basis of it is formed by the GTD-110 gas-turbine engine made by NPO Saturn, the first high-power engine of this class in Russia. The founders called the project of creation in Ivanovo region of a new big power complex a break-through one in the Russian power industry, power-plant engineering and economy as a whole.
The ceremony of opening of the first Ivanovskie PGU power-generating unit was attended by members of the Federation Council, governors of Yaroslavl and Ivanovo regions and heads of companies that participate in the realization of the major power-plant engineering project:
CEO of RAO EES Rossii Anatoly Chubais:
  - Dear colleagues and friends! It is not the first time we are here with you in Ivanovo region. But today we are having a special visit. Special to any power engineer, special to people and to those who are not indifferent to what is going on in our country. Today is the day when the first Russian combined-cycle plant has been commissioned. It was a long story; much was done by you, to make this come true. At early stages almost nobody believed that it could be possible when here, in Komsomolsk, the bench was being started, when the decision was taken that the bench had verified the working efficiency of the Russian equipment, and that, accordingly, a proper full-scale plant was needed. And today, finally, we have accomplished the task.
We say that the reform gave the power industry a huge impact, and this is the honest truth. But today it is quite a special day we speak not only about the power industry, we speak about our Russian machine-building industry as well. The fact that this plant works using entirely Russian equipment, and that its basis is the Russian-made gas turbine, we can call it the break-through of Russian engineers without exaggeration. I congratulate all those who made this come true, and say sincerely: Thank you! Congratulations, friends!
Governor of Ivanovo region Mikhail Men:
- Dear participants of the honored ceremony, let me express my best compliments with the commissioning of the first Ivanovskie PGU power-generating unit. Indeed, this is an all-federal event, but for our region, for Ivanovo region it plays a special role, and I want personally say Thank you to Anatoly Borisovich Chubais, that he had made a decision in his time. For Ivanovo region this definitely implies the attraction of investments for the region, qualitative vacancies and social assignment borne by the power engineers. We also see that our municipal formation of Komsomolsk supports us, and we say a special Thank you to power engineers for that. All the best! We are always with you!
Governor of Yaroslavl region Sergey Vakhrukov:
- Dear friends, let me with all my heart congratulate you with this outstanding event. Today the Russian combined-cycle plant has been commissioned, its core being the engine produced by NPO Saturn. With the greatest pleasure Id like to mention that in the course of work and preparation to this commissioning NPO Saturn has got over to a completely new level of technology, and the way that is behind us is only the beginning of a long way that lies before our Rybinsk production association.  Im thankful to Anatoly Borisovich Chubais, for he trusted in abilities and capacity of the Russian companies, of the Russian machine-building, whose quality products are not only on the international standards level but even surpass them in many aspects.
It is an extremely important event for us because this combined-cycle plant is the first reliable plant from the point of view of energy for many years, that will serve for the development of the Central Russia regions and ensure energy preparedness of the Russian regions. Id like very much to wish us all that the commissioning of the first PGU-325 unit would become an origin of a long way, that all our machine-builders would be confident in tomorrow and that they would have specific serious multi-billion orders within our territory that could contribute to the development of Russia. Congratulations!
Head of Administration of Komsomolsk metropolitan area Olga Buzulutskaya:
- 78 years ago the lights of Ivanovo state district power plant were lit on the Komsomolsk land. Today we are present at the important historical event commissioning of the first Ivanovskie PGU power-generating unit. This is a big holiday for all Komsomolsk citizens, for all those for whom the simple words light and warmth are of great importance. Its a whole milestone in the history of Komsomolsk municipal region. Construction of a modern power complex enabled us to set up new vacancies in the region, to increase the tax base, to increase the wages, to expand the flow of fresh qualified specialists into the region. I want to specially thank all those who initiated this project, who developed it, who conducted pre-commissioning, and those who provide the reliability of power-generating equipment. Komsomolsk has reclaimed its fame of the power-generating center of Ivanovo region. We will make a worthy contribution into development of economy and prosperity of Ivanovo region. Congratulations!
Russian Federation Council Member Victor Glukhikh:
- Dear friends, dear colleagues, today is a happy day. For the first time we created the unit that we can be proud of. Russias own supercharged boiler cycle appeared for the first time. Indeed, its the NPO Saturns best part in it, not the least part of both VTI and Energoproekt, and of builders and servicemen. Thank you very much, very much! One more time I say thank you to RAO EES, that broke its ideology and embarked on financing of this project  - the project of creation of the new turbine. Thank you! Congratulations for the day! 
Member of board of directors, managing director of RAO EES Rossii Vyatcheslav Voronin:
- Hello, dear colleagues, dear friends! In my brief speech Id like to address a short story of the two people Romanovs Victor and Vyatcheslav, father and son the story of those people, who gave start to this summit, they designed it, and today we have the unit. We, certainly, express profound obeisance to enthusiasm of the collective, a remarkable collective headed by Yury Vasilievich Lastochkin. Collaboratively, we have done much together, but I am absolutely sure, that without his team, that did all possible and impossible after the two engines to build the third and to launch the mass production! in engine-building it is simply an impossible task, nevertheless, they did it. Sleepless nights, vibrations, flowpath problems - everything has been overcome in order to achieve this goal! With this in mind, surely, it is very precious for us, it is very close and timely. When we said that this unit would exist, that it would be demanded for sure, we were answered show it to us where is it? And today we are demonstrating the unit home-produced, up-to-date, unique, that will be realized within the investment program of RAO EES Rossii.  Dear friends, congratulations! Its a common victory, a common joy!
Chief of the Federal Agency for Power Industry Dmitry Akhanov:
- Dear friends, dear colleagues, let me with all my heart congratulate you with this event. It is a gala day not only for Ivanovo region, not only for power engineers, not only for those who work at this plant; its a gala day for the entire country. Because once again we have proven that Russia is capable of realizing complex major projects, projects, in which everyone participates scientists, design engineers, engineering workers, mounters and power engineers. We have constructed the first Russian combined-cycle plant. Its the first step in the long way of investments into the power industry for the years to come. You and I speak of the fact that during the following 15 years we will need to construct an unprecedented number of new generating capacities in the country, of which the combined-cycle plants will make up a major part. Its a long painful way that everyone of us will have to overcome. Each new plant means new power transmission lines, new work opportunities, new development of economy. I am absolutely sure that following this plant other plants will emerge, that within all Russia there will be plenty of energy - power, heat energy any energy, energy of hearts of those people, who develop the country, and thanks to whom Russia was, is and will be a mighty empire. Congratulations!
CEO of Inter RAO EES Evgeny Dod:
- Dear colleagues, let me congratulate all of you with this memorable event, to express my sincere thankfulness to all to collective of RAO EES, to collective of NPO Saturn, to plant collective. Indeed, its a huge and serious project. For me its not only a huge project, but also the beginning of a long path. Ivanovskie PGU have become part of Inter RAO, the sole company that preserves the brand of RAO EES after July 1, and it is a special task. We should operate this unique equipment in accordance with all standards, in order the Russian power engineers, the Russian machine-building engineers could acquire references for entering the international market. This is our main target. Congratulations!
General Director of NPO Saturn Yury Lastochkin:
- Good day! I thank those who believed and endured. Special thanks to the Chief of RAO EES Rossii. Thanks to the huge collective of this plant creators those are super-professionals designers, builders, mounters, general contractors, those people who headed this project from the RAO EES part surely its an enormous experience of communication with super-specialists. I believe that today not only Russian engineering workers welcome those changes that occur in Russian power engineering, I believe that with not less enthusiasm the German, Japan, American and other engineering workers the producers of large turbines and of the whole set of equipment welcome them. But on behalf of the Russian engineering workers I want to say: Long live the reforms! Long live RAO EES Rossii!
General Director of PJSC Foreign economic association Technopromeksport Sergey Molozhavy:
- Dear friends, quite recently Anatoly Borisovich and I were opening the North-Western plant rated at 450W. This plant was 80% equipped with foreign machinery. Today we are opening the plant that is solely Russian! Id like to see that in the future that the PGU-325 unit with the GTD110 gas turbine becomes a standard unit for the Russian power industry, and the Technopromeksport company becomes traditional general contractor for the other units. Thank you!
Again, at the meeting for the newsmen from central and local media after the formal opening of the first Ivanovskie PGU unit Anatoly Chubais pointed out:
- Commissioning of new facilities is not so rare here, especially now, at realization of the reform, their number grows more and more, but todays one is completely special. It is primarily due to the fact that this is the first Russian combined-cycle unit, and the core of this unit is a unique product in point of technology the GTE-110 gas turbine that is made in Russia. Such equipment, gas turbines of this power have never been produced in our country! This task had been solved for 20 years during the Soviet period but they did not cope with it. Now this task is accomplished by NPO Saturn, which, may write a special story about how many efforts have been made.
The tangible unit operating in pilot production is a fancily significant achievement, especially considering that it is the first one but not the last. Some time ago, NPO Saturn General Director Yury Vasilievich Lastochkin made a condition for me: In order to advance tangibly we will need the mass production, he said. And he was right. We did our best and finally we achieved it and today the eleven GTD-110s are ordered within the scope of our investment program of RAO EES. It is not just a piecework, this is the new quality of Russian power-plant engineering work, and, certainly, of NPO Saturn that has become its flagship. 
The GTD-110 produced by NPO Saturn is the first Russian gas-turbine engine of high power. The GTD-110 is integrated into the GTE-110 gas-turbine power plant rated at 110 W, and into combined-cycle plants rated at 170 and 325 W. Within the scope of cooperative project between RAO EES Rossii and NPO Saturn the complex work on conducting of interdepartmental tests and launching the GTE-110 into mass production have been performed.
Within the Ivanovskie PGU project (PGU-325 unit No. 1) the two gas-turbine power plants GTE-110 made by NPO Saturn are applied. The construction of the No. 1 PGU-325 unit of Ivanovskie PGU began in February 2005. It is the first stage of building of a new power plant complex rated at 650 MW that is one of the most major projects of the domestic power industry on the Ivanovo state district power plant territory. Within the scope of the entire project NPO Saturn will supply to the customer, i.e. to RAO EES Rossii, four GTE-110 power plants.
The partnership agreement between NPO Saturn and RAO EES Rossii has been concluded to support the extensive application of the GTE-110 up-to-date gas-turbine plants in the Russian power industry and to master their mass production. Signed in June 2007, the Agreement stipulates application of twelve GTE-110 plants produced by NPO Saturn while upgrading and constructing of new power-generating units. 
Today, considering the agreements signed with Ivanovskie PGU (units No. 1 and No. 2), OGK-6 JSC (Novoryazanskaya state district power plant-24), and TGK-6 JSC (units No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 of Nizhegorodskaya thermal power plant), the parties have practically completed all mutual commitments. Presently 11 GTE-110 gas turbines have been contracted up to 2010, with a delivery cycle of 3-4 units per year, which allows to solve the problem of a one-time serial startup with setting up of the specialized GTE-110 manufacture at NPO Saturn. Contracts stipulating the GTE-110 application provide introduction of power generating units rated at 325 W and project implementation on adjustments of existing steam-power units (State district power plant -24).
The GTE-110 power plant has an extensive outlook for creation of the whole range of industrial gas turbines using the integrated gas generator rated from 65 to 160 W with the required characteristics and is considered by RAO EES Rossii as the basis for technical upgrading of the main power industry of the country, and as one of the advanced exported products of Russian power engineering.
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