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NPO Saturn became the "IT-Leader" national award laureate again.

Site news 17.04.2008

April 17, Rybinsk. NPO Saturn has become the laureate of the sixth IT-Leader national award in the Mechanical-Engineering Industry Enterprise nomination. The laureate diploma for Outstanding Contribution to Development of Information Technologies in Russia and the IT-Leader 2008 memorable sign were presented to Alexander Piontkovsky, information technologies director of NPO Saturn. The sixth annual national IT-Leader laureates award ceremony was held in Moscow on April 15, 2008.
Nowadays in the sphere of aircraft manufacturing industry no enterprise is able to develop an advanced competitive product without Information Technologies application.  Application of Information Technologies at all stages of design, manufacture, and operation of gas-turbine engines is one of the main elements of NPO Saturn development strategy. 
More than 7,5 thousand of users work in the corporate information system located on seven industrial sites in five Russian cities (Rybinsk, Moscow, Lytkarino, Perm, St. Petersburg) joined with high-speed multi-service communication channels.
In 2007, design works of the new supercomputer were finished and installation of the new supercomputer with efficiency of 14,6 ТFlops (billions of operations per second) began to significantly reduce time of engineering calculations at Design Departments of the company. It will be the most powerful and high-efficient supercomputer within the Russian and CIS industry; it will be listed in the World Top-500 rating of the most high-efficient supercomputers of the world.
In 2007, being the second to none in Europe, the most modern system of aircraft engines tests data acquisition and processing was introduced at NPO Saturn test facility. It can take information from more than 2000 measurement channels simultaneously, it is intended to be used for certification tests of the new SaM146 aircraft engine developed by NPO Saturn in association with French company Snecma, it will be mounted on the new Sukhoi SuperJet-100 aircraft family of Russian manufacture.
Information support of NPO Saturn business is one of the most complicated technological tasks. Systems of CAD-CAM-CAE, PLM, ERP, ILS classes and a great number of special-purpose systems providing effective management of the geographically distributed company that manufactures high technology products are widely used in the corporate information system of the company.
NPO Saturn has been a laureate of the IТ Leader annual national award twice. The award was established in 2003.  The award organizers are: KROK company, Managers of Russia Association, magazines - Itogi, Intelligent Enterprise, CIO. The award was established to note state and corporate organizations performing their activities on the territory of Russia, for a significant contribution to development of information technologies in the country.
Nominees and Laureates of the Award are organizations and CIO taking the lead to implement Information Technologies that increase efficiency of the organization activity and improve living standards of the society in general, i.e. directors and vice-presidents of departments responsible for decisions on information technologies application.
Main criteria for the laureates election are publicity and innovation of activity of the companies and CIO, particular achievements of a company or unique professional qualities of CIO. Besides, significance of individual contribution of CIO to development of a company or a branch and also integration of a company to the world community are estimated.
State organizations and companies of basic branches of the Russian economy became laureates of the award this year: Central Elections Company of the Russian Federation and Federal Informatization Center at TsIK, GIVTs Rosskultury, Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation, GVTs Rosgidrometa, VTB 24, URSA Bank, Rosno, Renaissanse Capital, GMK Norilsky Nikel, Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant, Rosneft, Volzhskaya TGK, Yandex, Vympelkom, Moscow Metropoliten, FosAgro , Severstal-avto, NPO Saturn, Wimm-Bill-Dann, X5 Retail Group N.V., Mirax Group Corporation, Atomenergoprom, NPK IRKUT, UK Metalloinvest, Sedmoi Kontinent, OGK-4, Aeroflot, MTS.
NPO Saturn is a leading engine-building company specialized in development, manufacture and after-sales service of the gas-turbine engines for military and civil aviation, Navy ships, power-generating and gas-pumping units.
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