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The new modern production facility commissioned at NPO Saturn.

Site news 15.02.2008

February 15, 2008, Rybinsk. Today, at NPO Saturn, the ceremonial opening of the new modern production facility for machining of gas-turbine components took place. The total production area is 14 thousand square meters, area of recreation block is 2,5 thousand square meters. The initial portion of the facility where the new high-precision machinery area is situated was commissioned in the end of 2007. The second portion is scheduled for commissioning in 2008.
The most up-to-date materials and technologies were implemented for building of the production facility101, including finish of facades and roofing, all production and welfare spaces. Spacious rooms are equipped with all necessary systems (heating, ventilation, conditioning) for the activity of the modern production facility, for operation of high-precision machining centers and control equipment. The completely new, modern working conditions for personnel were established.
Today, NPO Saturn is mastering and is putting into mass production the new kinds of gas-turbine equipment, which is built in accordance with international standards and requirements placed for high-tech products. Accordingly, the company is implementing the capital development and renovation program for the industrial buildings, as well as for social sphere entities. The total area of commissioned industrial installations at NPO Saturn for the last five years amounted to over 76 thousand square meters.
At the ceremonial meeting, NPO Saturn General Director Yury Lastochkin addressed the workers:
“Today is a good event that we have been waiting for so long and have done everything to make this event come true. For a very short time we have built the first portion of the new production facility. The gross volume of investments for this project amounts to over 400 million roubles, almost thirty new machining centers, creation of completely different labor conditions. And today we are moving towards the commissioning of the second portion of the facility.
Some time ago we would buy new equipment in single units, then – the entire lines, now we purchase the new equipment for the whole shop. It is, in fact, our real action against the challenge of time, real actions to support the things of which Russian President Vladimir Putin and would-be President Dmitry Medvedev have spoken so much – the real innovative technologies. We are buying the new equipment in order to make new high-tech products that will be on demand in the world market.
Completely new labor conditions are being created for people, not for dozens but for thousands of NPO Saturn employees. Practically, we are introducing major positive changes into design departments, technologists departments, production areas. We are providing thousands of workplaces of the up-to-date level. Indeed, we should do more and we should do it faster. But I assure you that today we do much. The volume of investments of the last year amounted to 1,5 bln. roubles for the construction and installation works, which is over 2,4 bln. roubles for equipment procurement and for creation of the state-of-the-art test bench basis.
Works connected with this production facility, and with this project are the example of how we should go on. Yes, not everything went smooth, but we did it! Today, with the extensive experience of work with complex and costly equipment, with machining centers, we go back to purchasing of versatile equipment – of lathes, milling machines, that we need today. Starting from this year, each year 300-400 machines will be replaced. And primarily they will arrive to this new production facility that will be fully reequipped.
I thank you for your intense work. I believe our efforts will be fruitful, because very huge tasks are before us – the tasks of creating and manufacturing of new gas-turbine engines for Russia to support its defense, energy preparedness and territorial integrity”.
NPO Saturn is the leading engine manufacturer that specializes in the development, production and after-sales support of gas-turbine engines for military and civil aircraft, navy vessels, power-generating and gas-pumping units.
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