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NPO Saturn will supply six high-capacity GTD-110 gas-turbine engines to TGK-6 for construction of the thermal power station in Nizhni Novgorod.

Site news 21.01.2008

January 21, 2008, Rybinsk. Saturn-Gas Turbines concluded an agreement with Territorial Generating Company No.6 for production and delivery of six GTD-110 gas-turbine engines with the unit capacity of 110 MW, and part of auxiliary equipment for construction of three steam-and-gas units of Nizhegorodskaya Thermal Power Station, with the total heat capacity of 840 Gcal/h and electric capacity up to 975 MW. The equipment will be delivered in 2011. The contract price is 3 billion 2 million rubles.
In accordance with the signed agreement, Saturn-Gas Turbines will manufacture and supply to the customer the main equipment, i.e. six GTD-110 gas-turbine engines, which will be integrated into three PGU-325 combined-cycle packages of Nizhegorodskaya Thermal Power Station of 325 MW each. Saturn-Gas Turbines undertakes obligation to manufacture and deliver to the customer part of auxiliary equipment, to deliver technical documentation and specifications, to carry out complex testing of the delivered product upon installation and commissioning, to render services in supervising installation, adjustment, testing, start-up and commissioning, and render services in product transportation insurance.
The new thermal power station consisting of three PGU-325 units is intended for covering the existing power shortage of Nizhni Novgorod intensively developing infrastructure.
The planned power-generating units in-service dates are as follows:
-         PGU-325 unit 1 – in 2011;
-         PGU-325 unit 2 – in 2013;
-         PGU-325 unit 3 – in 2015.
Additional agreements are planned to be concluded for each of the PGU-325 units.
The GTD-110 of NPO Saturn manufacture is the first Russian gas-turbine engine of high capacity. The GTD-110 is integrated into the GTE-110 gas-turbine power plant rated at 110MW, as well as into combined-cycle plants rated at 170 and 325 MW. Within the scope of cooperative project between RAO EES Rossii and NPO Saturn, complex work on conducting of the interdepartmental tests and launching the GTE-110 into mass production have been performed. The partnership agreement between NPO Saturn and RAO EES Rossii has been concluded to support the extensive application of the GTE-110 up-to-date gas-turbine plants in the Russian power industry and to master their mass production. Signed in June 2007, the Agreement stipulates application of twelve GTE-110 plants produced by NPO Saturn while upgrading and constructing of new power-generating units. 
As of today, considering the agreements signed with Ivanovskie PGU (units No. 1 and No.2), OGK-6 JSC (Novoryazanskaya State District Power Plant-24), TGK-6 JSC (units No.1, No.2, and No.3 of Nizhegorodskaya Thermal Power Plant), the parties have practically completed all mutual commitments and have signed agreements for eleven high-power GTD-110 gas turbines manufactured by NPO Saturn. One more Saturn GTD-110 gas turbine can be contracted by TGK-4. The results of the tender for delivery of equipment for the TGK-4 Dyagilevskaya Thermal Power Plant (Tula) will be announced in January 2008.
NPO Saturn is a leading engine-building company specialized in development, manufacture and after-sales service of gas-turbine engines for military and civil aviation, Navy ships, power-generating and gas-pumping units.
Saturn-Gas Turbines is subsidiary of NPO Saturn – integrator and integral supplier of  high-efficiency ground power equipment for needs of Gasprom, RAO EES Rossii, housing and communal services, municipal formations, power-consuming industrial enterprises, oil-and-gas companies. Saturn–Gas Turbines realizes the ground gas-turbine energy projects (design, manufacture, after-sales service, installation and commissioning of gas-turbine units rated at 2,5 to 110 MW, packaged building of power-generating units, manufacture of equipment for Nuclear Power Plants).
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