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The SaM146 has completed the first stage of tests on the flying test bed.

Site news 29.01.2008

In the Gromov Flight Test Institute near Moscow, the first test phase of the SaM146 on the IL-76LL flying test bed has been completed. In the course of tests, the required amount of flights have been performed and engine operating conditions have been practiced, enabling carrying out the SaM146 engine testing on the SuperJet-100 aircraft. Currently preparation of the first SuperJet-100 flight prototype powered with two SaM146 engines for flight tests in Komsomolsk-on-Amur is in full swing.
At the same time, the IL-76LL flying test bed, on which one of the four standard engines was replaced with the SaM146, is being prepared for the second test phase that will take place at the French test facility in Istres.
”The engine performance data obtained in the course of the ground and flight tests allow saying with confidence that the Russian-French SaM146 engine has been realized, reported Yuri Basyuk, SaM146 program director. – The program of the engine production to equip the SuperJet-100 aircraft for the certification test is being carried out at NPO Saturn in accordance with the schedule agreed with SCAC”.



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