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The GTD-4/6.3/10RM is a family of gas turbines, applied to drive the gas compressors within gas-pumping plants and the electric generators within power plants, rated at low-to-medium capacity (from 4 to 80 MW and above).


• UEC-Saturn: development, production and after-sale services of the industrial gas turbines

• Engineering, procurement and construction of the energy facilities are made by UEC - Gas Turbines (UEC) or by other EPC-contractor at Customer’s option

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Design features

• 9/10-stage compressor (depending on the gas turbine modification)

• annular combustion chamber

• 2-stage compressor turbine

• 2/3-stage power turbine (depending on the gas turbine modification)


Gas turbine GTD-4RM GTD-6.3RM GTD-6.3RM/8 GTD-10RM GTD-10RME
Power output (ISO 2314), MW 4.14 6.45 8.38 10.16 10.24
Efficiency (ISO 2314), % 32.5 32.5 34.5 35.5 35.5
Output shaft speed, rpm 10 500 8 200 8 200 4 800 4 500
Usable fuel gaseous fuel
Fuel consumption (at nominal power), kg/h 900 1 400 1 730 2 030 2 085
Exhaust gas temperature, ° 385 480 540 520 515
Exhaust gas flow, kg/s 21.6 25.6 27.6 32.7 33.0
Dimensions (L B H), m 3.861.411.96 4.021.581.81 4.021.581.81 4.671.931.66 4.671.931.82
Weight (on frame), t 3.77 4.1 4.1 5.6 5.6

For reference purposes. Specifications depend on the facility type and the equipment applied.


• up-to-date design

• high fuel efficiency

• high reliability and safety in operation

• can be used to drive the gas compressors within gas-pumping units and the electric generators within power generating stations

• high commonality (the single core, designed by UEC-Saturn for a new generation of gas-turbine engines, is used in the base of GTD-4/6.3/10RM and E70/8RD)

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The GTD-4/6.3/10R gas turbines are the bases of the GPA-4/6.3/10RM gas-pumping units, designed for application within gas-transportation and gas-storing compressor stations, rated at total output power from 4 MW and above.


The GP-4/6.3/10R are the automated block-module complexes of technological equipment, designed for modernization and new-built gas-transportation and gas-storing compressor stations (natural gas extraction, transportation, storing and distribution).

The GPs are made up of the full-readiness, transportable and quick-assembling blocks for quick installation, have the developed diagnostic and control system (incl. remote one) with high level protection, equipped with working and emergency lighting systems, heating, ventilation, grounding, automated fire-fighting and gas contamination control, noise-protection systems, etc.

The GP-4/6.3/10R have all advantages of the GTD-4/6.3/10R gas turbines, as well as:

• block-module configuration - savings of floor space, mounting and maintenance costs, configuration in accordance with the Customer’s requirements*

• advanced diagnostic and control system with high degree protection - high usability and safety in operation

• high level of automation, remote control of operation - continuous presence of operational personnel not required, unmanned operation

• meeting the current and advanced requirements of oil-and-gas companies

* - in accordance with the Customer’s demand, the GP-4/6.3/10R can be equipped with pumps of various types, optional equipment / systems.



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