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• The decision on construction of five automobile plants based on the governmental credit was imperially approved, Rybinsk (Russian Renault) including.

Photo: Construction of first buildings of the Russian Renault plant in Rybinsk, 1916.

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• Governmental resolution on handing over the plant to the system of aircraft-building industry was accepted.

Photo: Construction of the plant’s buildings, late 1920s.

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• Production of the first series of the М-17 engines for the R-5 reconnaissance aircraft and ТB-1 and ТB-3 heavy bombers.

• Repair and test of Lauren Dietrich aircraft motors.

• Rybinsk aircraft plant was assigned «Number 26» name.

Photo: М-17 engine.

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• Start of production of the М-100 aircraft engine for speed SB bombers.

Photo: М-100 engine.

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• The Rybinsk plant started series assembly of aircraft engines by conveyer method.

Photo: Aircraft conveyer for assembly of crank cases, 1937.

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• КB-2 МАI headed by G.S. Skubachevskiy was founded at the Moscow aviation institute. The Rybinsk engine-building design bureau originates from this organization.

• Start of development of the М-105 engine later widely powered the Yak-1, Yak-7, Yak-9, Pе-2, Еr-2 aircraft, etc. during the Great Patriotic war.

Photo: Yak-9 front fighter.

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• The Rybinsk aircraft plant was evacuated to Ufa due to the threat of occupation of the Yaroslavl region according to the GKO decision.

Photo: Evacuation to Ufa.

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