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UEC-Saturn’s Research and Development Office

UEC-Saturn’s Research and Development Office is the largest one in Russia with up-to-date scientific-research base, prototype production, test facilities, equipped with the most advanced hardware and newest technologies. R&D Office competencies comprise the whole engine creation (integration), gas-turbine modules development, including LPC and LPT of 5th generation engines, such as SaM146, PD-14.

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Development-design and test facilities

UEC-Saturn’s R&D Office is the one of leading Russian center developing the engineering science in gas-turbine technologies. R&D Office has a range of scientific directions (schools) where above 50 specialists with science-degrees (Candidate and Doctor of Engineering) are working. UEC-Saturn engages both industrial research institutes, such as TsIAM, VIAM, VILS, TsAGI, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and higher education establishments: MAI, RGATU, PNIPU and other.

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End-to-end development process

UEC-Saturn uses the end-to-end development process on the base of 3D steady and unsteady gas-dynamic, thermal and mechanical analysis, as well as 3D computer models, digital mock-ups. Pluridisciplinary optimization methods are widely used. UEC-Saturn uses automated control system for engineering and technological documentation administration.

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Research-and-technology backlog

UEC-Saturn realizes the program of creation a research-and-technology backlog, including one in the sphere of industrial critical technologies, such as development and adaptation the composite materials for fun parts of the SaM146 engine, high-temperature materials, including non-metallic and intermetallic compounds for HPT, combustion chamber and LPT of SaM146 engine, industrial gas turbines and other.

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Test facilities

UEC-Saturn’s Test Base includes 18 rigs for tests of aviation, industrial and marine gas-turbine engines, 49 plants for unit debugging. Test Base enables to make the complete system of engineering, acceptance and certification tests in accordance with National, European and North-American standards and has no counterparts in Russia and Europe.

Complex-profiled elements prototyping

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Technology of growing the polymeric models of complex-profiled parts by means of the laser stereolithography method
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Manufacturing the complex-profiled ceramic parts based on computer models from ceramic powders by means of selective laser sintering
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Manufacturing the complex-profiled parts by means of direct metal deposition based on computer models, coating, worn-out (blemished) surfaces repairing, built-up welding
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Manufacturing the metallic parts by means of direct laser fusing the metallic powder

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