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NPO Saturn. 1916 - 2016. Centenary

NPO Saturn PJSC (part of United Engine Corporation, Rostec State Corporation) celebrate the 100th anniversary of their foundation in 2016.
Founded back in 1916, the Rybinsk-based company, originally known as the Russian Renault Plant, had belonged to the automotive industry until 1924, since then its history has been closely intertwined with the development of the Russian aviation.

First serial engine

100 years represents a whole chain of great events, names, achievements and victories. The first aircraft engine produced by the plant was a licensed BMW-6 engine which was industrialized and serially produced in Rybinsk under the name М-17 which marked a milestone in the development of the country’s aviation industry. With the onset of serial production of the Russian M-17 engine, Russia no longer depended on foreign aircraft engines.

Taking the aircraft to the skies

In total NPO Saturn has designed around 40 types of products; it has serially produced almost 50 thousand aviation engines for fighters, bombers, transport aviation and passenger jets. The names of the renowned designers, such as Vladimir Klimov, Vladimir Dobrynin, Arkhip Lyulka, Pavel Solovyev and Pyotr Kolesov have become part of the company’s history and that of Russia as well. The Saturn-made engines took to the skies the aircraft conceived by the design bureaus of Polikarpov, Yakovlev, Tupolev, Lisunov, Ilyushin, Sukhoi, Mikoyan, Beriev, Myasischev and Antonov.

To win by all means!

In the early 40’s, the Rybinsk plant had ramped up the production of engines for military aircraft and by the beginning of the Second World War was already capable of producing up to 45 engines a day! In the fall of 1941 the plant was completely relocated to the Urals Region, to the city of Ufa. However, as early as in spring 1942 Rybinsk started reconstructing its plant and since several months it went back, first to repair operations and shortly after to serial production of engines so needed by the front.

A true bestseller

Since 1971 the D-30KU/KP engine family produced by NPO Saturn for the medium-haul Tu-154M, the long-haul Il-62M and the transport Il-76 aircraft has become a real bestseller of the Soviet / Russian aviation.
To date, the overall in-service time logged by the D-30KU/KP engines has exceeded 60 million flight hours; over 8000 engines have been delivered to the customers; around 2000 engines are currently in service worldwide.

For the sky, the sea and the land

Today, having integrated the production sites and design capabilities of Rybinsk, Moscow, Lytkarino, Saint-Petersburg, Omsk and Perm, NPO Saturn is set to design gas turbine engines for the needs of the military and commercial aviation, cruise missiles, power-generating and gas-pumping installations, boats and ships ensuring an end-to-end lifecycle of its products, from the concept to serial production and in-service support.

For the country’s benefit

Today, working conjointly with the Russian state on a number of prospective R&D projects, creating principally new kinds of products or carrying out major international programs, NPO Saturn seeks to reinforce the country’s defense capability, its transport and energy security and ensure Russia’s sustainable presence on the world market of high-tech and science-intensive gas turbine machinery.

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