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“TechNet” GenerationS

Generation S is a federal accelerator of technology startups run by RVC since 2013.
In the frame of Aerospace track UEC-Saturn jointly with its partners is searching for projects, teams and companies which can provide the innovation solutions for aerospace industry.

Objectives for startups

• Find the team for realization of your ideas.

• Become a part of global aerospace industry.

• Sell your idea to a major company.

• Get to a new level of development.

• Earn money.

Participants and organizers

People who have an idea, want to realize it and are ready to listen to the Customer. These also are people who are confident that if a Customer follows their advice he will earn more money.

JSC UEC-Saturn – a corporate partner of accelerator, a Russian engine-building company, the holder of International Certificates for development, production and repair of aeronautical products, realizing the joint international projects with the companies of France, China, India. This is the company which over the past ten years has developed and launched into serial production more than 12 models of gas-turbine engines of different application. This is the company which only in the SaM146 project has more than 300 suppliers worldwide. This is the company which according to FAST Company (2011) ratings is in the list of top ten innovation companies of Russia.

JSC RVC - organizer of accelerator, JSC RVC is a government fund of funds and a development institute of the Russian Federation, one of the Russia’s key tools in building its own national innovation system. RVC’s authorized capital, more than RUB 30 bln, is 100% owned by the Federal Agency for State property Management (Rosimuschestvo). All in all, RVC has backed 20 funds to a total capitalization of RUB 28,9 bln, RVC’s share amounting to RUB 18,3 bln. RVC backed funds run a portfolio of 175 companies, invested capital totaling more than RUB 15,8 bln.

Non-profit partnership ‘Regional Innovation Center’ (Samara) – operator of Aerospace track, organization included in the system of regional institutes of innovation activity development. The mission of Non- profit partnership RIC is to contribute to creation of favorable conditions for technology entrepreneurship and development of innovation ecosystem in Samara region.

Advantages for participants of the track

The teams and participants who have joined the accelerator's program will learn more from the senior specialists of corporate partners and experts of aerospace industry about the following:

• What are the main development trends of aerospace industry? What are the directions of R&D works and what will be in 15-20 years? What advanced technologies will be the market drivers?

• How is the ecosystem of innovation support organized in Russia: institutes of development, funds, government support, innovation infrastructure etc.? What tools and possibilities are currently available in the Russian Federation?

• How to create the innovation strategy? How to attract the venture investors?

• How to certify the products and services at the international market? Types, specific features and procedures of international certification.

• How to manage the intellectual property (IP)? Review of IP objects. IP protection. When there arises a need for IP protection? IP assessment, successful practices of re-assessment of this asset.

• What are technology and manufacturing readiness levels (TRL and MRL)? Stage-gate system. Why should the startup know about that?

• How to manage projects and risks?

• How to manage value for the customer?

• How to calculate economics of the project? What is the cost?

• What is marketing? Analysis and forecasting of markets, market segments.

• How to organize marketing communications? How to organize the sales support, the strategy of product promotion? Business models of sales in aerospace industry. Technology entrepreneurship, negotiations about sales, details of purchasing made by corporations.

• How to organize Supply Chain Management in the company? Integrated strategy of planning and management of resources flows (raw materials, materials, products, services etc.) used in production chains.

All through the program, the expertise of senior specialists of corporate partners is available.

Winners of the track

• Acquire an industrial partner – the corporate partner of the track.

• Acquire the possibility to become a participant of an industrial technological consortium out of those created within ‘National Technological Initiative’.

• Grant equal to RUB 1 mln from Small Enterprise Assistance Fund.

Projects at the stage of R&D

will get from industrial partner- UEC-Saturn:

1. Technical audit and conclusions of the company’s specialists before creation of a development specimen. That will allow the team of the project to receive with minimum risks the product required by the Customer.

3. Possibility to create with JSC UEC-Saturn the engineering project for technological preproduction with involvement of the company’s specialists at the stage of manufacturing process development. That will allow to organize production to the highest international standards.

3. Package of consultations for organization of Quality Management System and product certification. That will allow to become the full member of global market and get into the international supply chain of aerospace industry.

Projects at the stage of serial production organization

will get from the industrial partner UEC-Saturn:

1. Training of three employees of the company-winner in the company- industrial partner and their qualification for the corporate ‘green belt’ LEAN (6 months). That will allow to organize in your company lean manufacturing.

2. Training in the basic course of Supply Chain management. Within one year the company’s expert will be participating in building of your company’s production management system. That will allow to become the supplier of a major international company.

3. Within one year the expert (with possibility of attracting the senior specialists) will be giving consultations for the project of production capacity ramp up (up to the double volume).

Conditions of participation

1. Idea or project in the following fields:

• supercomputer technology (new methods of physical processes simulation, high performance systems)

• new structural materials (composite materials on polymeric, ceramic or intermetallic matrix, technologies of forming and finishing)

• state-of-the art technologies (additive technologies, non-contact processing methods, automatized and robotized processes, processing of complex-shape products etc.)
• power generation (new principles of power generation, transfer and distribution)

• sensors and data analysis

• new business models for aerospace industry

2. Team willing to realize your idea or project. Or if you need a team which would realize your idea or project.

3. You want to learn how to meet the requirements of market / Customer with the minimum expenses.

4. You want to become a part of a global team working in the sphere of gas- turbine technologies for aviation, transport, defense, power generation.

Current stage

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