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Program of outsourcing development

Work with small- and medium-size enterprises is chosen to be one of the lines of UEC-Saturn innovation development and forms part of the United Engine Corporation (UEC) innovation development program.

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• creation and development of small- and medium-size enterprises forming one scientific-and-production chain

• relieving of UEC-Saturn production facilities

• UEC-Saturn focusing on key competences of up-to-date gas-turbine building including creation of its own centers of production excellence for key components of gas-turbine engine (turbine and compressor blades and vanes, combustion chamber, accessory gear box, casings and shafts)

• improvement of the product quality, reduction of costs, increase of production volume

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Conditions of participation in the outsourcing program

• developed production infrastructure for execution of UEC-Saturn orders: equipment, technologies, specialists

• effective quality management system ensuring the required (sustained) quality and volumes of production to UEC-Saturn orders

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Support of the outsourcing program partners

For the purpose of guaranteed assurance of product proper quality, UEC-Saturn gives all-round support to the outsourcing program partners including:

• mastering of new technologies and equipment

• training of production and engineering personnel

• assistance in certifying and licensing the activity against Russian and international standards


Roman M. Shevantaev
Deputy Production Director
Production Cooperation
Tel.: +7 (4855) 329-700

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