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Gas-Turbine Building and Power-Plant Engineering innovation cluster is a territorial formation concentrating scientific, educational and production-and-technological competences and having special conditions for establishing new high technology business.

The establishing of a new territorial innovation cluster is aimed at improvement of scientific and production potential of member companies and making the environment facilitating the development of small- and medium-size high technology innovation enterprises.


The key members of Gas-Turbine Building and Power-Plant Engineering cluster are UEC-Saturn and UEC – Gas Turbines JSC. Historically these companies head the chain of technologically connected companies engaged in the manufacture of gas-turbine engines and power-plant equipment: Saturn-Tool Plant JSC; VolgAero JSC; Repair, Modernization, Servicing JSC; New Instrumental Solutions JSC as well as small-size innovation companies established on the basis of Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University (RGATU) named after P.A. Solovyev.

The cluster comprises a number of scientific and educational institutions of Russia: Moscow Aviation Institute, Perm State Technical University, VIAM, CIAM and many others. RGATU, the head higher educational institution of the cluster, plays the role of knowledge promoter in scientific-and-educational work.

The territorial innovation cluster is an open formation. Any company located in Yaroslavl Region and seeking participation in the program of cluster development can join the cluster.

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Open industrial innovation park

The Open Industrial Innovation Park is one of the main projects of Gas-Turbine Building and Power-Plant Engineering cluster. The key purposes of the industrial park establishment are:

• Provision of infrastructure and services for activity of small- and medium-size enterprises executing orders of the cluster companies and companies located beyond the cluster territory

• Increase of outsourcing of high technology services and products for the machine building industry companies from the small- and medium-size enterprises


Dmitry S. Ivanov
Director of innovative development
Phone: +7 (4855) 274-044

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