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Youth board

The youth board of UEC-Saturn is active since May, 2000.

The employees aged from 14 to 35 independently the profession, activity, qualification, education level, political and religious views can be a member of the youth association.

The youth board of UEC-Saturn is a constantly acting executive body of UEC-Saturn.

The youth board provides support for the company’s youth by implementation of actions which develop professional, creative work, sport and intellectual features of employees.

Target and mission

Target: Formation of common corporate spirit, increase of the level of the youth’s devotion to the company and advanced programs due to additional capability of self-actualization in sport, creative work and professional development by the company’s youth.

Mission: Strengthening and development of design, technical and production of the company’s potential by formation of professional, responsible and solidary collective.

Key activities

• provision of conditions for improvement of the youth’s creative initiative

• provision of the system for identification and support of inventive and rationalization works which involve the youth for participation in advanced designs

• provision of conditions for the exchange of experience of members of the youth association with other organizations

• development and active assistance in implementation of actions which improve social status of the company’s youth

• development and implementation of actions for improvement of professional skills and qualification of young employees of the company

• forming and development of actions manufacture adaptation of the youth at the company

• organization of cultural and popular actions for the company’s youth

• implementation of sport and tourist work with the company’s youth

• organization and holding of sport events with educational institutions of the town within the career guidance

• development and implementation of actions for attracting the youth to the company

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Youth board
Phone: +7 (4855) 323-980

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