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Social programs management

UEC-Saturn implements functions for creation, implementation and development of programs and actions for improvement of social well-being of the company’s employees, their children, veterans of the company, strengthening of social status and business image of UEC-Saturn.

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Improvement of living conditions

UEC-Saturn implements programs for provision of the company’s employees with residential spaces:

• program for compensation of a share of percent to mortgage credit taken by the employees in bank

• the company’s guarantee for the mortgage credit

• compensation of expenses for renting the flats for nonresident specialists

• rendering the flats preferential terms with payment by installments

• privileged country building

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Health improvement

Programs for decrease of sickness rate as well as financial losses of the company against temporary and stable incapacity for work of the company’s employees including:

• actions for improvement of working conditions aimed at preservation of health of the company’s employees

• clinical examination, organization of medical examinations

• health improvement at sanatoria (including the fund of social insurance)

• holding of sports day

• improvement of the quality infrastructure of medical establishments for servicing of the company’s employees

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Administration of work with the youth board

The youth board is active at the company. The youth board unites working youth aged from 14 to 35 years. Youth policy of UEC-Saturn is aimed at:

• formation of common corporate spirit by the company’s youth

• increase of the youth’s devotion to the company and advanced programs

• provision of additional capability for the youth’s self-actualization in sport, creative work, intellectual and professional development

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Programs for children of the company’s employees

Within celebration of significant events the contests of children’s crafts for various subjects of aircraft focus for the employees’ children. The children’s new year events are organized within welcome and celebration of a new year.

Organization of the rest of children of UEC-Saturn’s is one of the important company’s tasks during the summer. Within the policy for optimization of the price of vacation packages to country camps and partial compensation of the price of vacation package paid by the company which is carried out by the government in the region, the number of children having a rest at children’s recreation centers increases every year.

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The company’s board of veterans

The board of veterans performs the activity to assist in formation of the positive public opinion about the UEC-Saturn’s activity for cooperation provided by veterans for solution of the tasks of the youth’s patriotic training, solution of social problems arising in the life of retired pensioners, improvement of the living standard, as well as protection of rights and interests of veterans.

The board of veterans contributes to the most to the transfer of production and life experience accumulated by the veterans providing attention and respectful attitude to veterans at labour collectives.


Alexander V. Sokolov
Head of social program division
Phone: +7 (4855) 329-761

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