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Corporate IT system

The UEC-Saturn’s corporate IT system supports the all stages of product life cycle: research and development, production, after-sale services.

The UEC-Saturn’s corporate IT system has more than 4000 workstations in five Russian cities.

Thanks to application of state-of-the-art IT system, UEC-Saturn has significantly reduced a time for the new products development.

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In 2005 and 2008 UEC-Saturn launched two supercomputers with the capacity of 1,0 and 14,3 teraflops respectively, that allowed to expand significantly the IT system capacity and to increase dramatically the number of simultaneous computing tasks.

Using the supercomputer processing and virtual design environment the brand new SaM146 and AL-55I turbofan engines has been developed.

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Product life cycle support

• development stage: multi-criteria optimization of engine design; data acquisition during engine trials; test engine configuration and digital mock-up management; etc.

• production and operation stages: serial engine configuration management; technical documentation development and publication; spare parts provisioning; engine condition evaluation and prediction; etc.

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Virtual environment

UEC-Saturn has created a ‘virtual design environment’, that integrates the 3D-modeling data of a product, its manufacturing processes, supercomputer engineering analysis and test results.

Substantial investments have been assigned into the IT technologies, that maintain a production planning and accounting, customer support and after-sale services, electronic interaction with partners.

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