Gas-turbine technologies for transport, defense and energy industries
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Research and development

• Full cycle of new product development from designing to prototype testing;

• Integrated information technologies at all stages of the product life cycle;

• Advanced testing facilities for full range of engineering and certification tests in accordance with FATA (Russia), EASA (EU), FAA (USA) standards.

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• Cutting-edge technologies: machining of various types and levels of complexity, casting, welding, brazing, coating, laser cutting, MRO, etc;

• Certified production (incl. MRO) according to FATA (Russia) and EASA (EU). Quality Management System and Environmental Management System are certified to ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.

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After-sale support and services

• Advanced after-sale support and services system focused on product service life extension, operating cost reduction;

• Customer support 24/7 (twenty four by seven); provision of spare parts, equipment, tooling, technical documentation, etc.;

• Customer personnel training and troubleshooting for efficient operation and maintenance.

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