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The TVD-1500B - turboprop engine for general aviation aircraft.

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Design features

• 4-stages mixed-flow compressor with variable stator vanes

• reverse-flow combustion chamber

• 2-stages high pressure turbine

• 2-stages power turbine

• remote reduction gear

• FADEC with backing up hydromechanical channel


Engine TVD-1500B
Take-off power output, shp 1 300
Specific fuel consumption at take-off, kg/(shp∙hr) 0.212
Specific fuel consumption at cruise, kg/(shp∙hr)* 0.225
Output shaft speed, rpm 1700
Dimensions (L x D), m 1.950 x 0.760

* – (H=3 000 м; M=0.3; МСА)


• modular design and FADEC system provide high operating performances, maintainability, operation on technical condition

• capability of operation on unpaved airfields

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Engine is designed for general aviation aircraft with seating capacity up to 30 passengers.

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