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The RD-600V - turboshaft engine for multi-purpose medium-size commercial helicopters.

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Design features

• 4-stages mixed-flow compressor with variable stator vanes

• reverse-flow combustion chamber

• 2-stages high pressure turbine

• 2-stages power turbine

• built-in intermediate reduction gear



Engine RD-600V
Power output with automatic power reserve, shp 1 550
Power output at take-off, shp 1 300
Specific fuel consumption at take-off, kg/(shp∙hr) 0.215
Specific fuel consumption at cruise, kg/(shp∙hr)* 0.235
Output shaft speed, rpm 6 000
Dimensions (L x D), m 1.598 x 0.750

* – (H=0 м; M=0; MCA)


• modular design and FADEC system provide high operating performances, maintainability, operation on technical condition

• built-in intermediate reduction gear allows to simplify the design of helicopter reduction gear rotor drive and provides better weight-to-dimension helicopter characteristics

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RD-600V engine is designed for multi-purpose medium-size commercial helicopters, which can be used for passenger carriage, freight hauling aboard and on external sling, ambulance operations, salvage and rescue operations, ice reconnaissance and patrol operations of different kinds, maintenance of gas and oil pipelines, gas and oil fields, etc.

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