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PJSC «UEC-Saturn» - engine-building company, specialized in research and development, production, after-sale services of gas-turbine engines (and power plants / units) for aviation, power-generating and gas-pumping plants, ships, on-shore and off-shore industrial facilities. UEC-Saturn is a part of United Engine Corporation (UEC, Russia).

UEC-Saturn has three operational units, acting in the high-priority segments of gas-turbine engine market:

1. Engines for commercial and transport aviation

2. Engines for trainer aircraft

3. Industrial and marine gas turbines

UEC-Saturn - a company of a full cycle, offering a wide range of gas-turbine technologies. Every product (business) pathway is responsible for a full life cycle of its products: research and development, production, after-sale services.

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Design Bureau
Manufacturing Facility
Moscow:Representative office
St. Petersburg:Research and Development Center
Perm:Engineering Center
Omsk:Branch of PJSC UEC-Saturn - ОМКB

АО «Объединенная двигателестроительная корпорация» (ОДК)

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