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Dmitrii Gorodnichev became the winner of the contest "The Best Young Manager of UEC-Saturn - 2019"

Site news 19.11.2019

November 19, 2019, Rybinsk. - On November 17, 2019 on the last day of the final round there were named the winners and prize takers of the contest "The Best Young Manager of UEC-Saturn - 2019". The title "The Best Young Manager of UEC-Saturn - 2019" was conferred to Dimitrii Gorodnichev, a project manager of the Technical Managers Team reporting to the chief engineer. "Silver" was awarded to Vladimir Syrov, deputy head of the marine assembly and testing facility subordinate to the general designer. "Bronze" went to Nikita Korobkin, project manager for the "RF" product, General Designer Division. Honorary forth place was taken by Egor Khudoiarov, team leader, HR management department, UEC-Saturn's branch - Omsk Engine Design Bureau.

For the first time in a long period UEC-Saturn (a company of United Engine Corporation, Rostec State Corporation, a member of the All-Russian industrial association of employers “Russia’s Mechanical Engineers Union”) held a contest for the title "The Best Young Manager". 24 young managers and specialists of the company under 35 years old (inclusive) took part in the event.

After the extramural stage assessing the contesters' physical training and general knowledge, 12 participants got into the final round hosted by the Spasskoye Park-Hotel on November 15-17, 2019. 

"I have the greatest respect for young people employed by the enterprise. You all are the future of our company. The contest for the best young manager is vital and significant. It pleases me a lot that you have decided to make a career because straining after leadership is great," this is how Viktor Polyakov, deputy general director- managing director of UEC-Saturn, addressed the contest participants at the opening ceremony. “We need good managers, professionals devoted to the plant. We need people who will take over this beautiful successful plant in a few years. We are going to offer such contests on a regular basis and seek for ‘stars’ who are able to continue doing our country's great work - aviation engine building."

"UEC-Saturn is engaged in systematic activities aimed at enhancing its security in terms of human resources availability, including for managerial jobs. Forming a personnel reserve system is based on managers' recommendations and that is right because who else but a manager knows his/her subordinates' capabilities, their potential,"  pointed out Dmitrii Barvinok, HR Director of UEC-Saturn. "However a manager might not always be impartial when assessing his subordinates' competences, on top of that he has no information about all potential candidates for appointment from among the company's employees. Therefore we have made up our mind to establish an extra personnel reserve source resting on a declarative principle. We believe it is necessary, including but not limited to the framework of such contests, to give each young manager and specialist an opportunity to demonstrate his management skills. In the contest final you all will have to work hard but it is certain to produce results." 

The finalists made a self-presentation on the topic "I am a Manager", were involved in trainings, business and communicative games, improvisation contests and project activity. Following the two-day work, 4 participants reached the super-final. They presented a project charter on the basis of the program and project management methodology. 

The winner of the contest for the tile "The Best Young Manager of UEC-Saturn - 2019" Dmitrii Gorodnichev graduated from the Soloviev Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University in 2012 with the "Application Informatics in Economics" as a major. In 2010-2012  he worked for UEC-Saturn as a part-time programmer engineer in the Computing System Department, IT Division. In 2018 Dmitrii was re-employed by our company as a manager of the Digital Economy Project. In August 2019 he was appointed a project manager in the Chief Engineer Division. Since September 2019 he has been studying at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology according to the master educational program "Application Systems Engineering" with "Knowledge Intensive Technologies and Innovation Economy" as a major. Dmitrii is a member of the Yaroslavl regional division of the all-Russian public organization “Russia’s Mechanical Engineers Union”, the all-Russian political party "United Russia".

"Once the order about the contest “The Best Young Manager of UEC-Saturn - 2019" was issued, I handed in an application right away," said Dmitrii Gorodnichev. "The qualifying round was quite interesting, it included a test for knowledge of general normative documents and an assessment of physical training. The three days of the final round turned out to be rather emotionally intensive. The announced contest results became a surprise for me but I am very happy to have won. The participation in such events is something like doping for me, I am fond of cooperating with people. When I came to Saturn, I must admit I had the stereotype relating to plants that everyone here defended his own interests but very soon I learned by experience that it was not the case. It is necessary to show your worth, by displaying your ambitions and desires you can grow professionally." 

All the contest participants were awarded diplomas and memorable gifts and the winners were  presented with money certificates. The prize winners are also going to have a monthly pay supplement throughout a calender year and a recommendation for their incorporation into UEC-Saturn's management reserve. The contest winner will be entered into the personnel reserve list TOP-45. 

The contest was organized by departments reporting to the HR director - UEC-Saturn Social Programs Department, UEC-Saturn Younth Council as well as Saturn's primary trade union public organization PROFAVIA, the Yaroslavl regional division of the all-Russian public organization “Russia’s Mechanical Engineers Union” and the all-Russian political party "United Russia".

PJSC "UEC-Saturn" is an engine-manufacturing company specialized in the design and development, production and after-market support of gas turbine engines for commercial aviation, power generation and gas compression as well as for ships and vessels.
PJSC UEC-Saturn is a member of Russia’s Mechanical Engineers Union, an All-Russian industrial association of employers. The Yaroslavl regional division of the All-Russian public organization ‘Russia’s Mechanical Engineers Union’ is headed by Viktor A. Polyakov, PJSC UEC-Saturn's Managing Director.

United Engine Corporation JSC (a Rostec State Corporation company) is an integrated organization specialized in the design and development, serial production and after-market support of engines for military and commercial aviation, space programs, the Navy as well as for the oil and gas industry and power generation. 

Rostec State Corporation is one of the biggest industrial companies in Russia. It includes over 800 scientific and production enterprises in 60 regions of the country. The key areas of activity are aircraft industry, radio electronics, medical technologies, innovative materials and etc. The Rostec portfolio spans such renowned brands as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, Kalashnikov Concern, Russian Helicopters, UEC, Uralvagonzavod, Shvabe and others.   Rostec is fully engaged in the implementation of 12 national projects.   The company is a key supplier of Smart City technologies, deals with the digitalization of state management, industry, social sectors, develops development plans for 5G wireless communication technologies, industrial Internet of Things, big data and block-chain systems. Rostec is a partner of the world's leading manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, Daimler, Pirelli, Renault etc.  The corporation's products are delivered to more than 100 countries.  Almost a third of the company's receipts come from export of high-tech products.

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