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Victor Polyakov, a top manager of NPO Saturn was awarded the title Honorary citizen of Rybinsk

Site news 27.03.2013

March 27, 2013, Rybinsk. For the significant contribution to the industrialization of the new NPO Saturn products positively affecting economic and social development of the city of Rybinsk, Victor Polyakov, deputy chief executive officer of NPO Saturn for development of production cooperation within the Civil Aviation Engines Division has been awarded the title Honorary citizen of Rybinsk.
This decision was made during the session of the Rybinsk city council.
Victor Polyakov was born on April 23, 1953 in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region. In 1975 Mr. Polyakov graduated from the Rybinsk Aviation Technological Institute, faculty of Aerospace Engines. He started his career in the Company 38 years ago as an engine assembly line worker. He worked as a foreman, senior foreman, had the positions of the head of a production inspection bureau, workshop manager, head of the procurement and transport division, director of procurement and transport, director of military engine programs, deputy commercial director for military engine programs, deputy director of production for military products. From 2009 till 2013 Mr. Polyakov headed NPO Saturn production direction. Presently Mr. Polyakov functions as deputy chief executive officer of NPO Saturn for development of production cooperation within the Civil Aviation Engines Division. He is entrusted with a new activity the Company has embarked on creation and consolidation of production channels between the companies within the said division in the frame of the United Engine Corporation.
With direct participation of Mr. Polyakov NPO Saturn has mastered serial production of a range of small-size engines for unmanned air vehicles; at the moment the Company is implementing a number of production programs for gas-turbine engine of different power rate as well as power generating and combined-cycle gas turbines.
Mr. Polyakov is the key player in the process of mastering serial production of the SaM146 engine designed and developed in cooperation with a French company Snecma. Victor Polyakov contributed significantly to the award of an IAC AR certificate authorizing the Company to carry out serial production of the S146 engines; a significant volume of work has been completed for the purpose of obtaining an MRO organization certificate to service the SaM146 engines; a certificate was granted by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) authorizing serial production of the these engines. The engine has completed its entire test campaign and is now delivered to customers as a serial product.
NPO Saturn is now visibly ramping up its production volume. Mr. Polyakov is involved in the implementation of a number of large-scale projects, in particular a major contract of delivering 184 D-30KP-2 engines to a foreign customer’s order. The performance of this contract provides with jobs a substantial number of local citizens thus ensuring a stable financial situation and growing income for many families in Rybinsk.
For many years of diligent work and self-dedication Victor Polyakov received numerous honorary mentions; in 2000 he was awarded the “NPO Saturn labor veteran” title, in 2003 he received the “Honorary aerospace engine builder” title, in 2010 – Mr. Polyakov received an NPO Saturn honorary diploma. The professionalism and in-depth knowledge of his job have deservedly brought Mr. Polyakov immense authority and respect at and beyond NPO Saturn. The professional life of Victor Polyakov has always been linked to the most vital enterprise in Rybinsk – NPO Saturn, which plays an important strategic role. Constantly advocating development and prosperity of the Company, Mr. Polyakov has always been and remains a true citizen of Rybinsk, a man selflessly dedicated to the company he works for and the city he lives in, a city he has dedicated his life to, the place where his children and grandchildren live nowadays.




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