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NPO Saturn celebrates its 96th birthday

Site news 25.10.2012

October, 25th 2012, Rybinsk – NPO Saturn celebrates the 96th anniversary since the moment of its creation. The Company was founded in Rybinsk back in 1916 as Russian Renault joint-stock company.
Integrating its production sites and design bureaus in Rybinsk, Moscow, Lytkarino, Saint-Petersburg and Perm, nowadays NPO Saturn offers to the market a wide range of gas-turbine engineering solutions for transport, defense and power generation while ensuring the end-to-end lifecycle of the products it delivers to the customer: design and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, customer support and after-market service.
Following the long-standing tradition, the Rybinsk engine-builders will gather on the Company’s Day at the Aviator Concert Hall. During the two festive soirées, on 25 and 26 October, congratulations and best wishes will be bestowed upon NPO Saturn numerous employees whose contribution helps to ramp up serial productionим and develop new gas-turbine engines to be used in the sky, on the land and in the sea, as well as create R&D best practices to ensure the Company’s competitive edge in the future to come.
For significant personal contribution to the development of the Company, fruitful and diligent work the NPO Saturn certificate of honor was awarded to 108 employees, its branches and affiliates. Pursuant to the decree of the Ministry of industry and commerce of the Russian Federation 30 employees of NPO Saturn and its daughter company Saturn Tooling Plant were awarded signs of distinction. By the decree of the governor of Yaroslavl region a letter of award went to 10 employees representing NPO Saturn and Saturn Tooling Plant. By the order of the mayor of Rybinsk a certificate of honor was awarded to 15 employees of NPO Saturn and Saturn Tooling Plant. Fifty engine-builders were entered in the Company’s Hall of Fame. The Veteran of Labor title was awarded to 188 employees of NPO Saturn.
Summarizing the results demonstrated by the Company in 2012, Ilya Fedorov, NPO Saturn chief executive officer stated: “Working selflessly and honestly, we have made a real breakthrough this year having reached an increase in the volume of production unprecedented in recent history and compared to the last year’s results. This was achieved by the well-coordinated effort of all the Company’s directions with virtually the same number of employees as before, which means that the overall per capita productivity has drastically grown. There is still some time before the end of 2012 but we can be certain already that the annual budget will be respected. Today we continue to produce new engines and plan new developments, we successfully cope with the government order and honor our contractual commitments with regard to the D-30KP-2 program, and we fully satisfy the SSJ100 production site in Komsamolsk-upon-Amur thanks to the on-time delivery of the SaM146 engines. Some good results are also demonstrated this year by our colleagues from A. Lylka R&D center in Moscow. We are now faced with even more ambitious tasks regarding further development of the Company, increasing its performance level, staying committed to all our prospective programs as well as making the newly created division “Commercial aviation engines”, in which Saturn is given the leading role, operational.
In the frame of the events dedicated to the Company’s 96th birthday the children of NPO Saturn employees took part in a creative competition on drawing, hand crafts and reciting poems on the subject dubbed “The aircraft of my dream”. The bravest athletes of NPO Saturn participated in the fifth, jubilee bike race for a distance of 96 kilometers (since 2008 the racetrack length equals the Company’s age)! Whereas the Company’s veterans made us all and themselves as well a great present having emerged as the authors of a new corporate publishing project called “Saturn in 2012. The link between generations”. The memoirs, reflections and words of wisdom pronounced by the veterans on the pages of the new book await the feedback from the modern readers – the new generations of Saturn employees who have been given the honor to continue the glorious 96-year history of the Company.

Research and production association Saturn OJSC – an engine-building company specialized in design, manufacture and aftermarket support of gas-turbine engines for military and civil aviation, the Navy boats and power-generation and gas-pumping installations. NPO Saturn OJSC is part of the United engine corporation managing company OJSC.
NPO Saturn press service:
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