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XXIV Youth Meeting held at JSC "NPO" Saturn"

Site news 30.07.2012

July 30, 2012, Rybinsk. – On 27 - 29 July 2012 the 24th Youth Meeting was held at JSC "NPO". Managing director of JSC "NPO" Saturn Ilya Fedorov assured that "the glorious tradition of summer and winter meetings of young people from different cities, from different aviation industry companies and leading banks sponsored by the "Saturn" will be supported by the management to be continued in future with expansion of geography of participating teams, which we are always glad to receive."
The campground of the Meeting members was located in this year in a pine forest on the banks of the Black River and the Volga at Rybinsk. For three days the Meeting brought together young people from Rybinsk, Yaroslavl, Perm, Moscow, Lytkarino - representatives of JSC "NPO" Saturn ", JSC" Saturn - Tool Plant ", JSC" Saturn - Gas Turbines, "RGATU n.a. P. Solovyov, JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft", JSC "Sukhoi Design Bureau", JSC "VTB Bank", JSC "Star", FSUE SPC “Gas Turbine "Salute", SEC n.a. A. Lyulka. In the struggle for victory in the team event  and for the Andrei Savin commemoration Cup in sporting, artistic and intellectual types of the Meeting program 23 teams took part.
At the opening ceremony participants and guests of the 24th  Youth Meeting of JSC "NPO" Saturn " were welcomed by the Production Director of JSC "NPO "Saturn" Viktor Polyakov. He wished good luck to all teams, uncompromising struggle and noted that "the Meeting is always a holiday."
Chairman of the organizing Committee of the 24th Youth Meeting of JSC "NPO" Saturn "- HR Director of JSC" NPO "Saturn" Alexey Molchanyuk said:
The Youth Meetings of NPO "Saturn" have become a tradition, and namely by traditions any company is strong. The Meeting is the most outstanding event of youth life of the enterprise. The Meeting is the event which brings people together, where the corporate culture is formed. The Meeting is an event which is always positive."
Deputy Managing Director of the Yaroslavl branch of the VTB Bank, Natalia Suvorova said:
"We are glad to become parties to this good tradition. At every Meeting that is already the fifth jubilee one for us, we learn something from you. The VTB team wishes to each participant of the Meeting, regardless of his outcomes, to have each day his own small victories. The VTB team believes in each one of you. "
The organizers of the youth event were the social programs management, the Youth Council, the Sports Centre and the Trade Union Committee of JSC "NPO "Saturn", as well as the Yaroslavl regional branch of the "Russian Engineering Union" and a business partner (the general sponsor) of the Meeting JSC VTB Bank have timed the competition program to days the Olympic Games held nowadays in London and to the Patriotic War of 1812.
The Chief Judge of the 24th Youth Meeting of JSC "NPO"Saturn"- Head of social programs of JSC" NPO "Saturn" Artem Tikhonov said:
"The whole Meeting program is ran through by the Olympic theme. In the "greeting" competition the participants teams presented their record books, in the "homework" in the Club of the Funny and Inventive style they showed a presentation on the theme "Compete at the Meeting with arts and sports". A novelty of the creative part of the Meeting was the fables contest on industrial subjects, and the "Meeting parody" task based on the beloved cartoon characters became this time a tradition.
The sports program of the Meeting was opened by the "The Olympic Torch Relay." Olympic sports were the relay stages, as well as the baton was a candlestick lamp with a lighted candle. Then the "Zhumaring" followed, i.e. - rope railing climbing, using climbing equipment, water relay race, where participants have demonstrated their skills of steering a single-seat inflatable kayak  "Swallow", a double-seat frame kayak "Taimen" and four-seater catamaran, then the tourist relay. During the Olympics all the wars stopped, so the military theme was touched on the second day of the competition. During the forced march "War 1812" teams overcame some 15 miles distance, performing complex tasks en route. On the third day of the Meeting its members have shown themselves in the team types events "Two Ball", "Pie", " Football of Dombay".
The sports program judge of the 24th Youth Meeting of "NPO" Saturn", Head of the Sports Center of JSC " NPO "Saturn" Tatiana Guseva said:
"To involve more than 20 teams of 14 people at the same time, so that it was interesting, funny, informative, helpful for them is not an easy task for the organizing committee. One remembers  the participation, and we do our best to bring to the competition program all teams members depending on their training, someone to arts, someone to sports. And someone is able to express himself both here and there. "
At the end of the 24th Youth Meeting of  JSC "NPO "Saturn" winner in the overall standings, with the presentation of cups and the top prize of the Meeting, was the picked team "Stars & Stakhanovites" of the Production Director Department of  NPO "Saturn", Rybinsk. The runner-up team was "The Seventh Continent" (production building number 7 NPO "Saturn", Rybinsk). The third place was taken by the command "SEC" (branch of JSC "NPO "Saturn - "SEC n.a. A. Lyulka", Moscow), it won the Andrei Savin commemoration Cup in the three main types of competition ("Homework", « Forced March « War 1812»  and the Captains contest).
JSC "Scientific-Production Association "Saturn" is an engine manufacturing company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and after-sales service of gas turbine engines for military and civil aircraft, ships of the Navy, power-generation and gas installations. JSC "NPO" Saturn" is a part of JSC "Managing company "United Engine Corporation."
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