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Development of the Territorial innovation cluster Gas turbine and power engineering under coordination of NPO "Saturn" is among the priorities of regional and municipal authorities of Yaroslavl Region

Site news 26.07.2012

July 26, 2012, Rybinsk. Development of the plan of joint actions of the coordinating agency of the cluster, regional and municipal authorities in the implementation of the development of innovative regional cluster "Gas turbine and power engineering" was the theme of the meeting held on July, 26 by JSC "NPO "Saturn". The meeting was attended by the Deputy Governor of the Yaroslavl region, Igor Elfimov, Chairman of the cluster, Managing director of JSC "NPO "Saturn" Ilya Fedorov, First Deputy Head of Administration of City of Rybinsk Leonid Mozheiko.
Decisions made as results of the meeting will implement the program for the development of the cluster adopted at the meeting and approved by the working group on development of public-private partnership in innovation at the Government Commission on High Technologies and Innovations. An important result is the given high rate of work of participants of the cluster presented by the cluster coordination council under the Governor of the Yaroslavl region, modification of the cluster development program based on comments of the government commission of experts, including introduction of the projects of the innovative territorial cluster into the regional target program of the Yaroslavl region development.
In order to intensify the development of the cluster infrastructure in 2013, the meeting participants agreed to set up by the end of the year a non-profit organization with obligatory financial participation of key institutions of the cluster, administration of the Yaroslavl region and the administration of city of Rybinsk. Amounts and sources of funding the non-profit administering organization of the cluster will be determined prior to October 1, 2012.
The priority of this issue is recognized by all participants of the meeting, as the program of development of territorial innovation clusters "Gas turbine and power engineering" is aimed at developing  scientific and productive capacities of enterprises being participants of the cluster and at formation of an infrastructure in Rybinsk promoting development of high-tech, innovative small and medium businesses.
The innovative territorial cluster includes companies that make up an unified scientific and technological chain of gas turbine engines and power machinery - JSC "NPO" Saturn "(coordinator of the cluster), RGATU (basic cluster university), JSC " Saturn - Gas Turbines ", CJSC "SatIZ", CJSC "VolgAero", CJSC "ReMO", CJSC "R&D", small innovative companies of Rybinsk, leading educational and scientific institutions of Russia.
Deputy Governor of the Yaroslavl region, Igor Elfimov:
"Our main common task is to increase the profitability of economy, and ultimately - profitability of the budget of the Yaroslavl region. It is necessary to define priorities ,it is  impossible to turn to the whole at once, the more especially as in terms of internal resources, Yaroslavl region is not the richest region: we are neither oil-bearing, nor gas area. Therefore, based on some existing database, we identified several promising areas. One of these areas is  gas turbine engineering, we have traditionally been strong in the industry, and some others, in particular, it has been selected a pharmaceutical cluster from the new ones. There are different ways to the development of the industries, the clusters are not the only approach. But taking into account  the nationwide trend, attention of the RF Government namely to the territorial clusters, we decided to go  on such a path.
Cluster is, first of all, the territorial group of subjects of various companies, universities, science and infrastructure institutions, which have some connection with each other and eventually cover the entire chain of value creation. Accordingly, the problem of people who participate in the creation of the cluster, which they will subsequently manage, is  firstly, to identify missing links in these chains, and secondly, to establish these relationships, but more importantly, to support them, because not all links are working on their own . Some need to be supported financially and administratively.
Government of the Yaroslavl region has accumulated experience in this area, NPO "Saturn" has passed its way, and we have agreed today in the concrete how to move forward together. First, we strengthen the mutual work of NPO "Saturn" and regional subcontractors of "Saturn": the regional administrations, the Government of the Yaroslavl region, Rybinsk City Hall, schools, higher education, science, etc. It is clear that "Saturn" is a parent company in the cluster, but in my opinion, if you're talking about personnel, it's problem not only for "Saturn", not only for Rybinsk and not for the area as a whole, it is somewhat wider. Speaking of science, we must understand that without the creation of conditions for working and living here in Rybinsk, the result will  be equal zero.  "Saturn" alone  cannot create this, it is clear - this is a public task.
We are reorganizing for the new tasks functions of the coordinating council, we agreed to set up a management company of the cluster and we will think about  organization of the Supervisory Board, which, in our common vision, should include recognized experts, including those from related industries".
The first deputy head of Rybinsk administration, Leonid Mozheiko:
"Today, a number of important decisions was made on how to activate the work associated with the development of the cluster, so the cluster initiative gets full support both from main participant and coordinator of the cluster –NPO "Saturn", and from regional and municipal authorities. City Administration believes the creation of innovative territorial cluster is  crucially important  strategic  direction of socio-economic development. "
Chairman of the Board of the cluster, Managing director of JSC "NPO" Saturn "Ilya Fedorov:
"I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of today's meeting, because our cooperation continues in the plane of the concrete. Most importantly, we have agreed on further joint actions, we assigned roles, responsibilities of the parties – NPO "Saturn", regional administration, city administration in building an innovative organizational form of the cluster. The main role in this work will be owned by the territorial authorities, they should play the first violin. "Saturn" for its part will support the ideas and people. "
JSC "Scientific-Production Association "Saturn" is an engine manufacturing company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and after-sales service of gas turbine engines for military and civil aircraft, ships of the Navy, power-generation and gas installations. JSC "NPO "Saturn" is a part of JSC “Managing company "United Engine Corporation."
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