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The annual general shareholders meeting took place at NPO Saturn

Site news 29.06.2012

June, 29th 2012, Rybinsk – An annual general meeting of the NPO Saturn shareholders took place in Rybinsk.

By the resolution of the NPO Saturn shareholders general meeting the annual report has been approved as well as the annual accounting statements including the company’s profit and loss report and the profit and loss distribution following the results of the fiscal year 2011. It was decided not to pay out dividends following the results of 2011.
The following officers have been elected to the NPO Saturn board of directors:
1. Vladimir Aleksandrovich Gavrilov
2. Ivan Maksimovich Goncharenko
3. Igor Igorevich Gorskiy
4. Dmitriy Yuryevich Kolodyazhnyy
5. Dmitriy Yuryevich Lelikov
6. Dmitriy Vladimirovich Pospelov
7. Andrey Georgievich Reus
8. Dmitriy Evgenyevich Shugaev
9. Ilya Nikolaevich Fedorov
The NPO Saturn auditing committee has been elected in the following composition:
1. Larisa Alekseevna Zhurina
2. Svetlana Yuryevna Lashkina
3. Mikhail Yuryevich Tugaev
The auditing company Scientific-technical center for auditing the companies in the military-industrial complex Ltd. has been approved as the company’s auditor for 2012. The auditor holds the license №Е009070 as of 4 June 2008 to carry out auditing functions.

Research and production association Saturn OJSC – an engine-building company specialized in design, manufacture and aftermarket support of gas-turbine engines for military and civil aviation, the Navy boats and power-generation and gas-pumping installations. NPO Saturn OJSC is part of United engine corporation Managing company OJSC.
NPO Saturn press service:
Phone: +7 4855 296898 


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