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NPO Saturn has emerged as a venue for working out solutions for the machine-building industry aimed at the preparation and job placement of the future engineers and technicians

Site news 13.02.2012

February, 13th 2012, Rybinsk. – The Yaroslavl regional branch of the Union of machine builders of Russia prepared and sent to the regional and federal authorities a package of proposals. The package incorporates a list of measures that need to be taken to ensure an uninterrupted supply of the Russian industry with highly-qualified engineers and shop-floor operators.
These proposals were elaborated and put together as a result of the round table discussion in the frame of the working session of the Yaroslavl regional branch of the Union of machine builders of Russia held on February, 7th 2012 at the NPO Saturn training center on the subject of “Preparation of professional personnel for the real economy sector of Yaroslavl Region”.
Several representatives of the member-companies of the Yaroslavl regional branch of the Union of machine builders of Russia, the Economic Council, the industrial policy and entrepreneurship support department, the department of education, the job placement center as well as representatives of the higher, vocational and primary professional education took part in the discussion focused on preparing and placing the future personnel with the Yaroslavl Region machine-building companies. 
Commenting on the importance of the subject raised by the Union of machine-builders, deputy chairman of the Yaroslavl regional branch of the Union of machine builders of Russia – head of the NPO Saturn human resources development division Yuri Pautov, noted: “Today we hear a lot of talking about the role of professional communities and non-profit associations obtaining the feedback from the government institutions. The problem of personnel deserves close attention not only from the state officials but first and foremost from the future employers themselves and their professional associations. That’s exactly the reason why the Yaroslavl regional branch of the Union of machine builders of Russia had come up with the initiative of conducting a round table in the frame of preparing a similar follow-on event on the federal level. The problem is evident: economic growth of the industry will not be possible without the well though-out attraction and preparation of engineers, technicians and shop-floor operators, without changing the mood in the society in favor of the industry”.
The venue for the meeting of the representatives of the industry, the local authorities and the educational institutions was not chosen by chance. Today NPO Saturn, the dynamically developing company, has been faced with a deficit of highly-qualified workers, process and design engineers due to the increase in the production volume demand. Over the years NPO Saturn has built a success story of collaborating with the industry-oriented educational institutions, it has also managed to put in place a multi-level system of vocational orientation. The Saturn corporate training center offers services of preparing the future personnel and upgrading the skills on as many as 34 specialties focusing not only on its own needs but also serving the needs of other high-tech companies operating out of Yaroslavl Region and of the companies in the United Engine Corporation. The company carries out a well-targeted program of adaptation and further placement of young specialists while expanding its range of social programs.
“We have shared our experience as well as our problems,” – says Leonid Ivanov, NPO Saturn HR director, - “with our colleagues, our partners, the government agencies and the general committee of the Union of machine-builders of Russia to lay a solid foundation for formulating the ideas and coming up with real solutions, recommendations and proposals”.
As a reminder, since March 2011 the Yaroslavl regional branch of the Union of machine builders of Russia is headed by Ilya Fedorov, NPO Saturn CEO. The operations of the Union span all the areas of the machine-building community, promote the interests of specific companies and of the industry as a whole on the federal level. The Union maintains constant interaction with the profile committees of the federal legislative bodies, the ministries and departments, the federal government and the administration of the president of the Russian Federation, the heads of the federal districts and the industry’s vocational unions. The organization is also in close working contact with the Chamber of commerce and industry of the Russian Federation, the Russian union of the heads of universities, the association of technical higher-education institutions of Russia and a number of other non-profit associations and organizations. At present the representatives of the Union take active part in all the most significant state and public events solving the problems posed by the machine-building and allied industries while constantly extending its outreach.

Research and production association Saturn OJSC – an engine-building company specialized in design, manufacture and aftermarket support of gas-turbine engines for military and civil aviation, power-generation and gas-pumping installations, the Navy boats and commercial ships. NPO Saturn OJSC is part of United engine corporation – a 100% subsidiary of the united industrial company OBORONPROM OJSC with the objective of engine-building asset management.
United industrial company OBORONPROM OJSC – a multi-field machine-building group of companies founded in 2002. It is part of GK Russian technologies. Its main fields of business: helicopter building (Helicopters of Russia OJSC), engine building (MC ODK) and other assets. In 2010 the revenue of the companies within the corporation exceeded 170 billion rubles.
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