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The third PAK FA prototype powered by the NPO Saturn engines has performed its maiden flight

Site news 23.11.2011

On November, 22nd 2011 the Komsomolsk-on-Amur-based Y.A. Gagarin aviation production association (KnAAPO) administered the first flight of the third experimental prototype of the prospective aviation complex of the fifth generation (PAK FA). The aircraft was piloted by Sergey Bogdan, an honored test-pilot of the Russian Federation and a Hero of Russia.
According to the general designer of A.M. Lyulka research and development center – director of A.M. Lyulka research and development center Evgeny Marchukov, “the fighter spent in the air a little over an hour. During the flight the aircraft stability and power plant operability checks were performed. No remarks on the engine performance were made.
At this moment the engine continues its endurance test campaign and development work. Engine demonstrates reliable performance.
To date over one hundred test flights have been performed per the flight test program. With the third PAK FA experimental prototype starting its tests, the overall test campaign will start going at a faster pace”.


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