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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has taken part in the video conference call with the NPO Saturn SaM146 engine assembly shop personnel

Site news 17.08.2011

On August, 17th, during MAKS-2011, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin visited the Oboronprom exhibition room and participated in a video conference call with the employees of the NPO Saturn Rybinsk-based assembly shop performing serial assembly of the Russian-French SaM146 engine powering Sukhoi Superjet 100.
On one end of the dedicated “MAKS – NPO Saturn assembly shop” video conference call there were Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, vice-prime minister Sergey Ivanov, governor of Yaroslavl Region Sergey Vakhrukov, NPO Saturn CEO Ilya Fedorov, on the other side there were deputy head of the assembly shop № 80 Semen Shalukhanov and assembly worker Aleksey Perov.
Vladimir Putin asked the assembly shop employees about the current situation at NPO Saturn.
“The assembly process of the SaM146 engines is in full swing now and you have a unique opportunity to see it for yourself”, - answered Semen Shalukhanov.
Having joined in the conversation, Aleksey Perov called a key event the certification of the SaM146 engine successfully completed in 2010 giving NPO Saturn full authority of serial production. The more engines the company produces, the better off will be its employees. And what’s most important for NPO Saturn now is to master serial production of our engines. “We would like that to happen even more than you do”, - supported the speaker Sergey Ivanov. 
Ilya Fedorov explained to Prime Minister that in 2012 Saturn plans to produce 75 engines in cooperation with its French colleagues to meet the demand of SCAC.
Vladimir Putin stated that the company had managed to get out of a rather critical situation, wished its personnel continued success and answering to the question of Semen Shalukhanov with regard to increasing the demand for serial production, concluded: “That’s exactly what we are going to do”.


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