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At MAKS-2011 the NPO Saturn engines will take to the sky three new types of Russian aircraft and will be extensively featured in the Oboronprom integrated exhibition

Site news 15.08.2011

NPO Saturn will take active part in the 10th anniversary International aviation and space salon MAKS-2011, that will traditionally take place from August 16th to 21st 2011 in Zhukovsky (near Moscow).

NPO Saturn CEO Ilya Fedorov said: “The knowledge of Russian engine building possessed by NPO Saturn is quite extensive which puts a lot of responsibility on the company. It is indicative that the majority of new products in Russian aviation that will be featured at the salon are designed by the Sukhoi Company and NPO Saturn teams working together. These are the new SSJ-100 passenger jet equipped with the SaM146 engines jointly designed and developed by NPO Saturn and a French company Snecma that already demonstrate the highest level of reliability during their first months in revenue service having endured well even the ingestion of a flock of birds as was the case in early August during landing of an Aeroflot plane in Nizhni Novgorod. And, of course, the entire NPO Saturn is immensely proud of the fact that this year will see not only the flights of the new Su-35 fighter powered by the Saturn-made 117S engines but also the flights of the salon’s exclusive feature – the prospective aviation complex of the fifth generation (PAK FA) also equipped by Saturn engines.
It is not by chance that MC ODC has decided that NPO Saturn presents the biggest number of exhibits at the MAKS-2011 Oboronprom and United engine corporation joint exhibition – five developments:
- In the commercial engines section: the SaM146 bypass turbofan engine for application on the new-generation regional and long-haul aircraft. In the military engines section: the 117S augmented power bypass turbojet engine for application on the Su-35 multi-role fighter; the AL-55 bypass turbojet engine designed for the world market of training and light military aircraft; the M70FRU marine gas-turbine engine delivering 14000 hp; the 36MT bypass turbojet engine for application on winged rockets.


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