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NPO Saturn OJSC and Aviadvigatel OJSC have discussed the project of developing the PD-14 engine for the MS-21 aircraft

Site news 8.07.2011

On the photo (from left to right): NPO Saturn general designer Yuri Shmotin, Aviadvigatel chief executive officer – general designer Aleksandr Inozemtsev, NPO chief executive officer Ilya Fedorov.

The visit of NPO Saturn by the delegation from Aviadvigatel headed by the company CEO – general designer Aleksandr Inozemtsev took place on July, 6th and 7th 2011.
Aleksandr Inozemtsev said the following about the purpose of his visit and his impression from what he has seen ten years after his last visit to NPO Saturn: “Creating an engine for a long-haul MS-21 aircraft is one of the biggest projects carried out by United engine corporation. It is not a Perm project, it’s an ODK project spanning practically all the companies in the United engine corporation including NPO Saturn. Here at Saturn we have taken part in the planned working session on this project. There are specific responsibility shares given to Saturn and I have come here as the program director to assess the current status with my colleagues, review the opportunities and discuss short-term planning. The discussion took place. There are issues, question but it’s natural to have both, in general both the production facilities and the design bureau are in good condition, we have a great project team, there are many young professionals. The times when we were competitors are gone and now we are working together. And we are fortunate to have preserved a friendly relationship. I think that cooperation between Perm and Rybinsk on this particular project as well as on other prospective projects will only grow stronger and wider as it was 20-30 years ago”.


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