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Subsidiary of NPO Saturn – A. Lyulka research and development center – celebrates its 65th anniversary.

Site news 30.03.2011

March, 30th 2011, Rybinsk. – Today the Moscow-based subsidiary of NPO Saturn – A. Lylka research and development center – celebrates 65 years from the day of its creation.
The birthday of the research and development center just like the birth date of its founder Arkhip Mikhailovich Lyulka happens to be in the last decade of March. The company was founded on March, 30th 1946 by the decree of the government of USSR and the Order of the minister of aviation industry M.V. Khrunichev. Based on these official documents the State union plant №165 was transferred to the General Administration of the Ministry of aviation industry to develop on the premises of this small-size tool plant in its past a powerful R&D base for jet engines.
During its 65 years A. Lyulka R&D center has developed a whole family of engines for national aviation and rocket production. The engines developed by the Moscow design bureau powered subsonic and supersonic fighters and bombers, winged and strategic rockets. The AL-31F engine is the basic engine for the majority of modern and prospective Russian military aircraft that has deservedly become a bestseller of the world engine building. It was designed under the leadership of the company’s general designer, academician A.M. Lyulka and underwent the government test campaign under the guidance of the general designer V.M. Chepkin, was given to UMPO (Ufa) for serial production and later to Salyut (Moscow). This engine designed specifically for the multi-role Su-27 fighter is still actively used on various modifications under specific letters: AL-31FP, AL-31FN.
Today A. Lyulka R&D center is a dynamically growing company having a high intellectual potential and developed material and engineering network. The specialists working at the center are rightfully called some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the machine-building industry. Their accomplishments in the field of R&D have been distinguished by multiple state awards and titles. The traditions of the Arkhip Lyulka design school are carefully preserved and help prepare the generation of young design engineers enabling them to solve a wide range of tasks aimed at ensuring the defense capacity and national security of the country.
The best proof are the demonstration flights of the prototype of the Russian fifth generation fighter Т-50 equipped with the NPO Saturn engines. These flights were the starting point of a series of intense aircraft tests which will become the backbone of the Russian Air Force’s frontline aviation in the years to come.
NPO Saturn CEO, chairman of the Yaroslavl branch of the Machine builders union of Russia Ilya Fedorov:  “Even more aged companies couldn’t boast the same number of achievements as A. Lyulka R&D center. Practically all the engines powering the Sukhoi aircraft were born at our Moscow site.
I would like to wish our glorious team not only the new fifth generation engine of stage two but also that we create a pulsing engine that we are actively working on today.
We are faced with quite a considerable amount of work on prospective aircraft of the next stage, perhaps, it will be an aircraft with no pilot. No matter what people say today, I believe that in the middle of the 21st century it will be us making ten-ton planes. 
I wish A. Lyulka R&D center a great and unending volume of work. Because if the company has a lot of work to do, it will be developing, more young people will come to work in such company. We will do all we can to make sure it happens this way.
I wish great happiness to every employee working at the R&D center as well as to their families. I wish our Moscow subsidiary to always hear the roaring of the engines”.


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