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Aviaregister of IAC has granted NPO Saturn a SaM146 engine production organization approval certificate.

Site news 31.01.2011

On January, 31st 2011 Aviaregister of IAC granted NPO Saturn a production organization approval certificate authorizing production of the SaM146 engines.

Receiving the Certificate confirms successful completion of certification of production of serial SaM146 engines administered by Aviaregister of IAC.
The award of the Certificate was preceded by intense collaboration of the company’s employees and the experts from Aviaregister of IAC working on the adaptation of the Airworthiness regulations effective in the Russian Federation to the specifics of the SaM146 engine program, ensuring consistency of the serial engine production organization with the Aviation Rules AR 21.
A batch of 10 serial engines securing the delivery of the aircraft to the launch customers (Aeroflot, Arm Avia) had received production approval from Aviaregister of IAC back in August 2010 and now the approval of the production program for 2011-2012 has been received. The company’s main objective is to ramp up the production of serial SaM146 engines in accordance with the engine delivery hypothesis to Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company.


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