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The interdepartmental honorable distinctions were awarded to NPO Saturn personnel.

Site news 19.03.2008

March 19, 2008, Rybinsk. To order No. 18p of the Ministry of Industry and Power Engineering of the Russian Federation as of January 18, 2008, 38 NPO Saturn employees were awarded interdepartmental honorable distinctions for substantial personal contribution to the industry development, multi-year conscientious work and in connection with their birthday anniversaries, with awarding ranks of Honorable mechanical engineer, Honorable aircraft manufacturer, and certificates of honor of the RF Ministry of Industry and Power Engineering.
NPO Saturn General director Yuri Lastochkin congratulated the company’s employees and said: “Designers and process engineers, workers and foremen, specialists of all production departments and divisions, – collective of professionals, responsible, conscientious and initiative, - these are the most precious value and the pride of NPO Saturn. They have invested their labor, intellect and hands to create the present and the future of the company, the city and the country as a whole, to strengthen the defense capacity of Russia, and to ensure its transport and energy independence.
The most distinguished employees of the company are awarded the interdepartmental honorable distinctions for multi-year conscientious work and in connection with their birthday anniversaries. Congratulations and new professional achievements to you!”
of personnel awarded the rank of Honorable Mechanical Engineer of the RF Ministry of Industry and Power Engineering, with delivery of the badge
1. Nikolai Ashcheulov, assembly fitter, Saturn-Gas Turbines.
2. Vladimir Yershov, assembly fitter, Lytkarino Machine-Building Plant.
3. Nina Mineeva, ceramic cores maker, hand molding, Shop 49.
4. Vera Provodina, inspector of machining and bench operations, Technical Inspection Department.
of personnel awarded the rank of Honorable aircraft manufacturer of the RF Ministry of Industry and Power Engineering,
with delivery of the badge
1. Yevgeny Arestov, Deputy Chief Engineer, preproduction, Shop 35.
2. Alexander Markin, main specialist in gears and rear frames, Gears and Oil Systems Design Dept.
3. Natalia Mikhailova, process engineer, category 1, Shop 3.
4. Vladimir Novikov, engine test mechanic, Shop 7.
5. Galina Pleshanova, head of Planning-Dispatch Bureau, Shop 2.
6. Viktor Rinarov, head of Compressor Design Department.
7. Valery Utolin, leading design engineer, Design Department of Advanced Developments.
8. Elena Yarovaya, EDM inspector, Shop 60.
of personnel awarded the Certificates of Honor of the RF Ministry of Industry and Power Engineering
1. Viktor Vinogradov, tool grinder of the area, Shop 96.
2. Tatyana Vlasova, welding operator, automatic and semi-automatic arc welding machines, Shop 93.
3. Natalia Goryacheva, senior foreman, Saturn-Gas Turbines.
4. Tatyana Guzaeva, leading engineer, labor organization and norm setting, ZAO Stroyingeniring.
5. Lyudmila Doshina, turner, Russkaya Mekhanika.
6. Valentina Yeliseeva, assembly fitter, Shop 29.
7. Fanus Yemasov, chief specialist, engine layout, Turbine Design Department.
8. Nadezhda Yermakova, spring maker, Shop 722.
9. Tatyana Karpova, store keeper, Shop 54.
10. Semen Kolonuyk, driver, Purchasing and Transportation Department.
11. Valery Konkov, mechanic-electrician, repair and maintenance of computers.
12. Vladimir Kuznetsov, electrician, electrical equipment repair, Lytkarino Machine-Building Plant.
13. Elena Lebedeva, economist, category 1, Shop 80.
14. Irina Lysyanaya, leading engineer, Human Resources Department.
15. Lyubov Lyamukova, adjuster of electronics and devices, OGMetr, Pilot Plant.
16. Alexei Melnikov, items and tools packer, Shop 35.
17. Galina Polustrueva, process engineer, category 2, ORTR.
18. Vladimir Polyakov, tool grinder, Shop 77.
19. Nadezhda Russkaya, head of bureau, Economics, Labor and Wages, Shop 12.
20. Nadezhda Ryzhkova, senior inspector foreman, BTK, Technical Inspection Department.
21. Valery Smirnov, Assistant Chief Technologist, Pilot Plant.
22. Nina Smirnova, inspector, assembly and repair works, Technical Inspection Department.
23. Vladimir Sukharev, head of team, Strength Design Department.
24. Ivan Frolov, manual arc welding operator, Lytkarino Machine-Building Plant.
25. Lidia Kharlakova, head of sector, staff records management and statistics, Lytkarino Machine-Building Plant.
26. Viktor Shchukin, fitter-electrician, Saturn-Gas Turbines.
NPO Saturn is a leading engine-building company specialized in development, manufacture and after-sales service of gas-turbine engines for military and civil aviation, Navy ships, power-generating and gas-pumping units.
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